My Tune

Express yourself with music

  • Caller will listen to a musical ring back tone that you set.
  • Weekly subscription fee 315 Kyats.
  • Subscription will be auto renewed after 7 days.
  • Tune price 315 Kyats and each Tune is valid for 365 days.
How to get started:

Dial 333 from your mobile to get started, subscribe and select your song. To get new songs list, type NEW and send to 333.

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Press * to buy tunes while dialing to any My Tune user

Reverse RBT

Reverse RBT is the featured which allows subscriber can listen their selected tunes while calling to someone

  • Customers need to subscribe via
    • SMS ( send keyword to 333 )
    • My Tune URL ( )
    • IVR ( 333 )
  • Reverse RBT ( ကိုယ်တိုင်နားဆင် ) is available only for the weekly subscription
  • User can buy all tunes in My Tune website and keyword is MT 555xxxx to 333 which is same as previously.
  • Customer can subscribe both RRBT and CRBT service at the same time.
  • To Subscribe the Reverse RBT service: RT ON to 333
  • To Unsubscribe the Reverse RBT service: RT OFF to 333

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