Telenor welcomes mobile customers in Myanmar

Press Releases:

(Yangon / Mandalay, 25.09.2014) Telenor will launch in Myanmar by switching on its mobile network in Mandalay on Saturday. SIM cards will go on sale in more than 1500 stores in Mandalay city on the same day. The Norwegian telecommunications company unveiled the long-awaited news of the availability of its affordable mobile services to partners and media today.

At a press conference, Telenor customers’ advantages were highlighted, including best on voice quality, attractive talk and pay as you use mobile Internet pricing and a network offering both 3G and 2G.

Opening the network in Mandalay is the first phase of a nationwide rollout which will move to the cities of Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon, before continuing to the towns, villages and rural regions of Myanmar in the coming weeks, months and years. Telenor is committed to bringing mobile connectivity to more than 90% of the country in the next five years and will be accessible to the mass market through 100,000 points of sale throughout Myanmar.

“Opening in Mandalay is a major milestone for Telenor Group and for Telenor in Myanmar. We made a commitment to launch affordable and accessible mobile services within 8 months of receiving our license. By opening up our network in Mandalay on Saturday we are taking the first step to contributing towards providing everyone in Myanmar with high-quality connectivity. Within weeks we will be available in more than 12,000 outlets in the three main cities,” says Petter Furberg, Telenor’s CEO in Myanmar.

Simultaneous to opening in Mandalay, Telenor is getting ready to expand the coverage and will be switching on Nay Pyi Taw the week after launch. This will be followed by Yangon roughly two weeks after Mandalay. Once the main three cities have been switched on, the network will continue to expand to other cities and regions as more towers are completed. Time for absorbing customer feedback, learnings and acting on necessary network improvements has been between switching on each city.

Furberg adds: “Everyone at Telenor has made a great effort to ensure sustainable tower construction, the building of a strong local workforce, and the formation of a wide distribution network in order to be available on your doorstep. I am proud to say that all Telenor employees have been part of extensive testing of the network and we are confident that this effort has gone a long way to eliminate many of the issues commonly experienced at mobile network launches.”

Affordable and easy

Telenor’s mobile services and products, such as SIM cards and top-ups, are available in Mandalay from 11:00am on Saturday 27 September and can be purchased through more than 1500 Telenor branded outlets in the city. From this weekend onward, customers in Mandalay can also visit any of Telenor’s nine own shops to get connected.

Telenor SIM cards will only work in Mandalay until the cities of Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon are turned on.

U Khine Soe, Telenor’s Regional Head of Sales for North Myanmar, said: “We have sufficient amounts of SIM cards available so there is enough for everyone. A Telenor SIM card fits into any GSM phone so it is easy to get started and at affordable call rates, this truly is a mobile service for everyone. All our distributors and shops selling Telenor products are eager to get started this weekend.”

With a Telenor SIM card customers will have:

  • Compatibility with any GSM handset
  • Voice and SMS rates for mass market needs
  • Ready to use mobile Internet at no extra cost
  • Attractive mobile Internet pricing
  • Affordable international calls from Myanmar

Telenor is committed to bringing an affordable and competitive mobile network in Myanmar. Our pricing at launch includes:

  • SIM cards at 1500 Kyats
  • Best on voice: 25 kyats to dial any number in Myanmar
  • 15 Kyats to send SMS to any number in Myanmar
  • Affordable mobile Internet packs with weekly charges starting from just 500 Kyats
  • ‘Pay as you use’ internet rates for different user needs: 6Ks per MB on MY Internet speed of up to 300 Kbps, and 10 Ks per MB on SMART Internet speed of up to 2 Mbps
  • Free Facebook for a limited time and free Wikipedia for the first time in Myanmar

Top-ups will be available at 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 Kyats from Telenor branded outlets as well as from Telenor’s own shops.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Ms. Hanne Knudsen
Head of Communications
Telenor Myanmar
(95) 9 254 389897, (95) 9 790 301 152

Soe Thu Tun
Mango Media for Telenor Myanmar
(95) 1 512 884, (95) 9 450 001 087