Telenor to promote Safe Internet in remote areas of all ethnic states

• State Liaison Officers (SLO) to reach out the underprivileged communities in all ethnic states

3rdFebruary2017,Yangon – Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”) aims to assist in educating the underprivileged communities in the rural and remote areas of all ethnic States throughout 2017 for safely using internet and fully utilizing opportunities available online.

“Our channel to reach out the rural areas is through our well-trained State Liasion Officers (SLO). They are local ethnic people who are able to communicate with ethnic dialect to address respective communities. They were also trained for Safe Internet talks to educate the community. We believe in that our SLOs are part of key changers to educate and empower the underprivileged community for their socio-economic development,” Min Thu, head of Telenor’s Business Sustainability.

Currently Telenor has eight SLOs based in Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon and Shan (North, East and South) states. First batch of the trainingsin 2017 for local community was conducted in five different places of ChaungSoneTownship in Mon State (ChaungSone, Ywarlut, Mu YitKa Lay, Kamar Kay andMuduuvillages) last week.

Telenor’s ‘Safe Internet’ trainingscover benefits of using Internet (educational purpose), potential risks on using Internetsuch as information theft, cyber bulling, cyber grooming, sexting and hate speech, and tips for staying safe online. Telenor has targeted to reach at least 50,000 people for Safe Internet talks in 2017 andchannel through SLOs will play a vital role to reach the target.

In 2016, Telenor educated more than 24,000 children, teenagers, students and parents on‘Safe Internet’ through its different channels in collaboration with Telenor’s Light Houses entrepreneurs and schools in Yangon and Mandalay. And the company also distributed over 1,500 safe Internet booklets*.

Min Thu added, “Telenor’s recentsurveyhas proved how important to have Internet awareness in the users, especially among children. On the other hand, providing safe Internet training to the remote areas means to narrow the gap of digital literacy rate between urban and rural community. In 2017, we will also continueto explore opportunities to partner with the government so that we can reach as many as we can.”

Today, Telenor is Myanmar’s largest and fastest growing data network, with coverage in all States, Regions, territories and even remote areas in Myanmar, spanning close to 90% of total townships in Myanmar.Telenor has committed to bringing mobile connectivity to 90% of Myanmar’s population within 5 years, and over 30 percent of Telenor’s potential customers are in the ethnic States.

*Safe Internet booklets available now on

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