Telenor Myanmar to hold Career Seminar to support efforts to recruit Myanmar employees for a wide range of positions

Press Releases:

Telenor Myanmar today announced that it will host its first Career Seminar in Yangon, bringing together expert speakers to share insights with candidates interested to build a career in the strategic telecommunications industry. The event is part of the company's commitment to contribute to Myanmar's local economy through the creation of exciting career opportunities and talent development programs for people in Myanmar.

(Yangon, Myanmar - November 26, 2013) Since Telenor Myanmar launched the first phase of its employee recruitment program in August this year, the company has already hired close to 80 employees, with Myanmar citizens taking up key positions in departments including management, human resources, and finance, among others. The company is on track to hire 160 employees by the end of this year and 1,000 employees by the end of 2014, in addition to creating another 2,000 job opportunities through indirect employment with local business partners and vendors.

"Telenor Myanmar's recruitment program offers rewarding career opportunities and best-in-class professional development programs for all our employees. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from a diverse range of candidates who want to be part of Telenor's inspiring and dynamic work environment and culture, and we are pleased to be on track in meeting our short-term and long-term recruitment objectives," said Tipayarat Kaewsringarm, Chief People Officer, Telenor Myanmar.

As part of Telenor's commitment to support the development of Myanmar's telecommunications industry through job creation and the transfer of expertise and global best practices, the company will also invest in career and skill development programs for all employees. The Telenor Myanmar Academy, a centre for best-in-class professional development programs for employees at all levels, will kick off a series of leadership and professional training programs for the first group of its employees in early December 2013, and will offer other ongoing training programs for new and current staff members. The courses run by the Academy will be conducted in Bangkok and Yangon and provide training to equip employees with the knowledge and skills required to perform in their roles and support achievement of their career goals.

Ms. Kaewsringarm added, "Our commitment to professional development and training has proven to be a key factor in attracting the right talent and in fostering our unique culture that is built around our people. We take pride in knowing that our employees can share in our passion and dedication to play an important role in the development of state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure for their country, as well as provide innovative mobile communication services that will empower society and enrich the lives of millions of people across Myanmar."

Telenor Myanmar Career Seminar will be held on December 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Co-Operative Business Centre (former Sayar San Plaza) in Yangon. At the event, interested applicants will have the opportunity to submit their resume directly to the company, learn more about new exciting career opportunities available, and hear from expert speakers on building a career in the telecommunications industry. Attendance is free-of-charge and no registration is required. Interested applicants should bring copies of their resume with them when attending this seminar. For more information, please visit