Tourist SIM

Tourist SIM

Visiting Myanmar? Whether it’s for business or for leisure, Telenor Myanmar keeps you connected with its most affordable price plans and world class call quality. With the Telenor Tourist SIM, you will have access to the country’s largest internet network enabling you to make local and international calls, and stay online to update your loved ones and business colleagues.

Now you can also top up in multiples of 1000 on E-load from any Point of Sale. E-load top up available from 1000Ks to 100,000 Ks.

Tourist SIM Include;

  • MMK 15,000 MMK (Tax inclusive)
  • 5 GB Smart Internet (High Speed Internet)
  • Local Calls (AnyNet) 50 mins
  • 1,500 MMK Credits
  • First Voice Call Activation
  • Valid for 14 Days (Preloaded Allowance valid for 14 days from first voice call activation)
  • Free Incoming Calls & SMS

Most frequently asked questions

No. No action is needed from end users.
Foreign passport with Valid Visa.
SIM card will be valid for 30 days. But if any top up happened within 30 days SIM will be extended as standard life cycle.
It is a prepaid SIM come with preloaded value.