Telenor Postpaid gives you added convenience and great flexibility to make the most of Telenor’s services

PostPaid Individual

  • Flexible price plans: You can choose the price plan that is right for you.
  • You can get priority service at our Telenor stores.
  • Easy bill payment: Nearest Telenor Show Rooms or CB Bank
  • E-bill: My Telenor App or Telenor Web Portal or Telenor can send your bill to your email inbox, every month
  • Detailed Bill: You can get a detailed bill with details of your usage.

PostPaid Enterprise

Telenor as your business partner on postpaid mobile services

Benefits of Telenor Enterprise

  • Flexible price plans
  • Choose a number series for your employees
  • Special rates when calling within your company (Closed User Group - CUG)
  • Priority service through dedicated account manager and priority service at Telenor stores and Telenor Call Center
  • Convenient billing with easy payment options and detailed bills and e-billing available.
  • Door step bill collection for your convenience.

Most frequently asked questions

You can buy Telenor Postpaid for individual customers at our Telenor stores. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact our Enterprise Sales Team:
Yes, your Telenor Prepaid number can be converted to one of the Telenor Postpaid plans as long as your number is active.
Your SIM will be activated once you have filled in a form, paid the deposit and shown proof of ID. When you insert the SIM into your mobile, it will work straight away.
If you subscribe to a Telenor Postpaid plan on another day rather than the first day of the month, you will pay monthly fees according to the number of days left of that month. Your benefits will also be adjusted accordingly. Your first bill will generate by the end of that month.
There are several ways to get information about your account:
  • My Telenor Self Care App (Android & iOS)
  • Telenor Web Portal
  • To see your available credit limit enter *124# and press the dial key.
  • To see the available benefits in your account, enter *124*1# and press the dial key.
  • To see your unbilled usage, open the My Telenor menu, choose Postpaid and choose My Usage.
  • To see information about your previous and current bill, open the My Telenor menu, choose postpaid, and choose My Bill.
  • To see your unbilled usage, send BILL in an SMS to 124.
Note: Telenor Self Service Menus via *979 is not available for the Telenor Postpaid products.
-Friends & Family Service (12 MMK per min. up to 5 Telenor Numbers)
- Monthly Internet Bonus (up to 2GB)
- Free My Tune Subscription
- Capture App (Free Storage 22GB)
- View monthly usage details on My Telenor Self-Care app
Postpaid users can get their monthly bill every day 4 of the month by following the methods below:
- My Telenor Self-Care app (Android & iOS)
- E-bill through Email
- Telenor Web Portal
-My Telenor Self-Care app
- *124# - Available Credit Limit
- *124*1# - Monthly Plan Benefit, Monthly Internet Bonus and Additional voice & data packs
- Telenor Web Portal
- Send SMS “addfnf 9597XXXXXXXX” to 500 (Add Number)
- Send SMS “remfnf 9597XXXXXXXX” to 500 (Remove Number)
- Send SMS “viewfnf” to 500 (View Added Numbers)
5% commercial tax will be added on total usage at every month end.
Postpaid customers can pay their bills with Prepaid Top Up Cards, Telenor Show Rooms, E-Load Payment & at CB Bank.
Payment will offset against Outstanding Amount if postpaid customers made payments before settle their monthly bills.
Yes. Postpaid Customers will be allowed to carry over their unused monthly plan benefit to next months.
No. Unused monthly internet bonus will be expired when the month ends but it will get refreshed every day 1 of the month like monthly plan benefit.
Postpaid Customers need to settle their monthly bills before Day 15 of next month. And late fees 2500 MMK will be added on their monthly bills if they won’t pay their bills on time.
Their postpaid SIM won’t be able to make any chargeable services (outgoing calls, data, etc.) starts from day 21 of next month if they won’t pay their bills till day 20.
Within 24 hours from bill payment, their postpaid SIM can be able to use again.