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Use the data calculator and internet package chooser to get an idea of which plan fits your lifestyle the best.

Adjust the sliders or select the pre-defined data to view your estimate data usage per month or suggested plan.

Data usage are just estimates, and data transfer amounts will vary. Video calling application and settings in use along with network and conditions may impact the amount of data consumed. Downloads that buffer, such as streaming music and video, will bill for all of the data that has been downloaded, even though you may not have listened to or watched the entire download. Please regularly check and manage your usage.

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Data Usage Plan Chooser

Will this be your primary internet connection? Yes
No - I already have another internet connection
How frequently do you think you'll be using this connection ? Sometimes
Do you think you'll need to download a lot of files ? Normal Amount
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Do you use social media a lot ? Sometimes
How do you use Viber ? Text only
Voice call
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