Domestic Private connectivity

Telenor Myanmar provide IPVPN(Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) and DPLC( Domestic Private Leased Circuit) to cater customer domestic connectivity requirement. Telenor Myanmar Domestic IPVPN and DPLC Service enables Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and any-to-any data transmission, and can flexibly create star topologies, or full or partial mesh topologies among company nodes as needed.Ideal for Brach to Branch connectivity for business critical companies and enhance the performance and improve the quality of their customer network architecture.


  • Obtain Self-managed IP environment : Totally transparent from Telenor Myanmar IP Core and IP Access Network
  • Network resiliency for fail-safe connectivity
  • Business-enhancing features including QoS and value-added services.
  • Cost-effective connectivity across multiple office locations.
  • Seamless, scalable and secured IP-based VPN connectivity between multiple branches.

Customer Support

  • 24x7 Telenor Myanmar Customer Support and Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Web-based utilization reports and KPI Reports
  • 24x7 Guaranteed SLA

Business Needs

Financial Industry

  • Multi branches VPN connectivity
  • Multi ATM machines connectivity System Integrators
  • Multi-client connectivity to Application Server


  • Multi branches connectivity for POS application, stock & logistic management.

Education Industry

  • Universities and School connecting to Research-based Databases.

Transportation Industry

  • Public transport booking management.

Advertising Industry

  • Connection of electronic advertising boards to a centralized server for simultaneous advertisement broadcasting

Last Mile Options

  • Fiber
  • Microwave
  • Wireless – Point to Point