The affordable Life Insurance Plans, starting at 199 Kyats per month, come with three options 30 days, 90 days or 365 days packs. Multiple benefit options can be bought with easy payment from Telenor mobile balance.
Benefits of


30 Days

199 Ks

90 Days

599 Ks

365 Days

1,999 Ks

Benefits of


30 Days

499 Ks

90 Days

1,399 Ks

365 Days

4,999 Ks

Benefits of


30 Days

999 Ks

90 Days

2,799 Ks

365 Days

9,999 Ks

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SateChaLife Insurance?

SateChaLife Insurance is brought to all Telenor customers by CB Life and Telenor Myanmar. SateChaLife Insurance is the life insurance that is affordable for all nationalities who reside in Myanmar.

What are the benefits of the insurance certificate?

The benefit of this insurance certificate is to support family members in case of any loss due to death, total permanent disability, dismemberment and major injuries as specified in T&C.

What is the eligible age limit to purchase the insurance certificate?

Eligible age limit is from 18 to 60 years old.

What are the requirements to buy SateChaLife Insurance and how to start buying my insurance certificate?

You will need active Telenor SIM, NRIC/Passport(for foreign nationality) and enough telephone bills to buy your preferred insurance certificate through MyTelenor App or Telenor Webpage.

How to pay for my purchased insurance certificate?

Your total amount of insurance certificate will be deducted from your mobile main balance.

How many grace period will apply? Do I able to claim during grace period?

3 days grace period will apply for this insurance certificate and CB Life will allow to claims during grace period too.

How to disable the auto renewal option?

You can disable the auto renewal option by going through MyTelenor or Telenor Web -> SateChaLife -> My Insurance

Can I still claim the benefits after auto renewal option disable?

Yes, your insurance certificate will valid until expiry date even you disable the auto renewal option.

How can I enable the auto renewal option again?

You need to buy new insurance certificate and select auto renewal option.

How many insurance certificate can I purchase?

You can buy only one insurance certificate for 365 days offer. Once you buy 365 days offer, you can’t be able to change other insurance certificate. For 90 days and 30 days offers, you can buy maximum 2 insurance certificate but you need to disable the auto renewal first if your first insurance certificate was auto renewal offer.

Can I appoint a beneficiary?

Yes, we would only require a copy of beneficiary's NRC/Passport. And if a minor being named as the beneficiary, the NRC copy of a parent or guardian will be required.

Can I claim the benefits after I’ve purchased the insurance certificate?

No, the insurance certificate will be activated after 24 hours upon the purchased time. After the insurance certificate is activated, you can claim the benefits.

Can I claim my insurance benefits if incidents is happened outside of Myanmar?

No, the insurance is only cover for incidents occurring inside Myanmar.