Customers who subscribe to Telenor Data Night Packs will receive data balance to use for any data services with cheapest rate between 11pm and 7 am.


Weekly Night Data Pack

799 Ks


760 MB

How to check pack balance



7 Days

How to subscribe

Dial *804# or *979*2*3*4#

Send “TN799” to 500

Monthly Night Data Pack

1,000 Ks


950 MB

How to check pack balance

Dial *124*1#


30 Days

How to subscribe

Dial *805# or *979*2*3*3#

Send “TN950” to 500

How can I subscribe to Monthly Night Data Pack?

You can subscribe for 500 MB Night Data Pack can be subscribed by sending SMS ‘TN500’ to 500 OR buy pack by dialing direct dialing code *806#.

For 950 MB Night Data pack by sending SMS ‘TN950’ to 500 OR buy pack by dialing direct dialing code *807#.

Also, you can subscribe through *979# USSD menu.

Can postpaid customers also subscribe to these packs?

No. These pack are only for prepaid customer.

How long is the Monthly Night Data Pack balance valid for?

The Monthly Night Data will be valid for 30 days from the pack subscription date.

How much will it cost to subscribe Monthly Night Data Packs?

It will cost 1,000 Ks (inclusive for tax) for 950 MB Night Data Pack and 525 Ks (inclusive for tax) for 500 MB Night Data Pack.

With this pack, which benefits will I get?

Respective MB (950MB or 500 MB) will be credited to the customer’s subaccount balance to use any type of data from 11 pm to 7 am.


When the customer uses data outside the defined period (11pm~ 7am) and when the package has expired, it will fall back to PAYG price plan(9 Ks/MB).

If I buy multiple Monthly Night Data packs, how much data balance will I get to use from 11pm to 7am?

Your balance quota will be stacked and the pack will expire 30 days after the activation date of the last subscribed Monthly night data pack.


e.g. If you bought one Monthly Night Data Pack yesterday and another one today, you get (remaining pack balance + 950) MB credit to be used from 11pm to 7am. The combined balance of the packs will expire 30 days from last purchased date.

How do I check the balance for data night pack?

You can check your data night pack balance quota by dialing *124*1#.

Can I buy monthly Night Data pack with Kyo Thone balance?

Yes. You can buy with Kyo Thone balance.

If I have both balance under Kyo Thone account and main account, from which account will I get charged first?

KyoThone balance will be deducted first. If not sufficient, will deduct from main balance.

Eg: If a customer, who has “main balance 850 Ks , KyoThone balance 200 Ks ”, wants to purchase Monthly Night Data pack @1,000 Ks, KyoThone balance 200 Ks+ Main balance 800 Ks (Total 1000 Ks) will be deducted.

I have subscribed to a Data SuBoo and Night Data pack on the same day. How will my balance get deducted if I use data?

If you use data during the defined period (11pm – 7am), the internet usage will first get deducted from Night data pack and will only get deducted from the Data SuBoo pack when the Night data pack has already been used up/expired.

If the customer uses data with this pack outside of the defined period (between 7 am and 11 pm), what will happen?

The customer will be charged as per their basic PAYG data rate at 9 Ks per MB.

If the customer subscribes to both Monthly and Weekly night pack, how much pack balance will they get and how will the expiration date be determined?

For night time data usage, the customer will be able to use with Telenor Data night pack Weekly first. After this weekly pack is expired or depleted, the customer’s usage will be deducted from Night data pack Monthly.

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