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Telenor introduces No Gift Policy

01 June, 2016 - Yangon

  • Applies to all employees; covers act of giving and receiving of gifts between Telenor employees and third parties

May 31, 2016, Yangon - Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”) is introducing a No Gift Policy, which will adds to the company’s existing efforts in driving the highest integrity and ethical standards throughout its operations.

Under the policy, Telenor and its employees are not allowed to receive gifts from or offer gifts to business partners and external stakeholders. Branded corporate merchandise items and activities related to corporate events is exempted subject to certain criteria being met.

Employees have been encouraged to communicate the policy to all vendors and stakeholders over the course of regular business. In addition, Telenor will publish its no-gift policy on and on posters in its office premises.

The policy is built on the spirit of openness and transparency, and will help employees avoid potential conflict of interest in its business dealings, says Chief Executive Officer Petter Furberg. “We recognise that in most business settings the giving and receiving of gifts of modest value is simply a matter of basic courtesy. What we are trying to achieve through this policy is to make it easier for our employees and relevant third parties by minimising the ambiguity often associated such acts, especially when they lead to ethical dilemmas in the course of doing business.

“Telenor has zero tolerance on corruption and bribery, and work closely with our employees and partners to ensure these principles are practised in all areas of operations. We are therefore proud to introduce this no-gift policy as part of our commitments to maintaining an open, transparent and corruption-free workplace, Furberg added.

Ethics and transparency central to Telenor’s business

Telenor’s zero tolerance on corruption and ethical standards are set out in its Code of Conduct and in anti-corruption policies. Telenor also requires that suppliers and third parties that have a direct contractual relationship or offer products or services to the company must comply with our Supplier Conduct Principles, which define the minimum standards that we expect to see achieved over time, including on ethics and anti-corruption.

“The Union Government has recently introduced new policies in government to prevent corruption. Telenor will continue to work actively with other businesses and civil society in support of the Union Government’s policies to reduce and eliminate corruption in Myanmar”, says Petter Furberg.

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