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Telenor’s 18th Net Monday focuses on building online communities

01 September, 2015 - Yangon

August 31, 2015, Yangon – Telenor Myanmar Limited (Telenor) today marked the 18th edition of its Net Monday event, this time with the theme “Building Online Communities”.

Net Monday is a monthly activity initiated by Telenor Myanmar to promote its ‘Internet for All’ mission and enhance opportunities enabled by mobile connectivity. In each Net Monday, Telenor facilitates a rich dialogue on topics relevant to the growing digital and online community. Each event brings together a panel of local and international subject matter experts to discuss and debate specific topics of interest to local programmers, web designers, bloggers, developers, technical experts, and representatives from local or international Internet and technology companies.

“We have been seeing that the internet adaption in Myanmar is faster than we expected. According to our own data, more than 55% of Telenor users are data users. So it is important for us to provide digital literacy for all of our customers and to support the growing online community in Myanmar,” said Mr Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

The event was joined by Myanmar Blogger Society (MBS), attracting the participation of close 100 attendees. In the panel discussion, representatives from MBS and Telenor Myanmar discussed together with participants about the importance of blogs and bloggers to build stronger online communities in Myanmar.

“In addition, we also discussed the importance of Myanmar language content on the internet. MBS urged to use Myanmar language so that internet users can read more and participate in the online community development. The MBS and participants have recommendation for service providers and operators to assist the online content development,” said Thu Yain Aung, Expert of Social Media Marketing from Telenor Myanmar.

He added, “The MBS and participants generally agreed to have a same platform so that all internet users can support for the development of content in Myanmar language. As an operator, we believe that we can continue to work closely with the bloggers, IT experts and others to assist the online community development.”

Telenor has hosted Net Monday events in Yangon, Mandalay, Magwe and Bago, following Telenor’s mobile rollout areas. This has included Net Monday events at Dagon University, Mandalay University, Bago University, Magwe University and Mhawbi Technological University, Pathein University.

About Internet for All

  • Internet content and its importance in Myanmar.
  • Telenor believes that mobile connectivity is a necessity for everyone, and the Internet should be for all. As a leader in telecommunications services, Telenor has witnessed the positive impact of mobile communications on the lives of people in many countries in Asia and around the world. The telecommunications sector will play a key role as an enabler in Myanmar’s socioeconomic growth which is why Telenor is focused on connecting mass market consumers in Myanmar with affordable and high-quality services.
  • As a global company, Telenor wants to serve as a positive contributor to the societies in which it invests and operates, and part of this commitment includes promoting the exchange of ideas and access to information in order to support Myanmar’s development and to build a digital future for all.
  • Net Monday is one such platform in realizing Telenor’s Internet for All vision.
  • Telenor is also committed to responsibly leverage its core competencies in telecommunications to provide people with greater access to affordable mobile communications services. Only when mass market consumers can afford to buy and use mobile services that can improve their everyday lives, will mobile communication and mobile Internet have a positive and lasting impact on people, business and societies.

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