According to the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the state is the ultimate owner of all land in Myanmar. There is also regulatory ambiguity over land tenure and individual land use rights.

To roll out a mobile network across Myanmar it is necessary to rent small plots of land and roof top sites throughout the country to set up telecommunication installations. Telenor’s governance framework, including respect for internationally proclaimed human rights, guides Telenor’s work in all markets. While recognizing the land rights challenges in Myanmar, Telenor is determined to maintain the utmost respect for people’s rights as it establishes the network.

Telenor has established a set of principles and measures, detailing how to acquire the necessary land and roof tops for telecommunication installations with integrity. These include thorough due diligences of potential land sites and establishment of an effective channel for handling grievances from third parties related to land. Telenor will keep a close eye on any land right developments in Myanmar and considers it important to continue the engagement with local stakeholders, civil society and the government on these issues.

Stakeholders will be invited to township meetings in which Telenor will provide information about its development plans, our way of work, our ethical standards and stakeholders’ general rights. Random audits are carried out across our supply chain to verify that our set standards are followed.

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