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Enjoy the videos you want anywhere, anytime, with WowPlay video streaming application.

Watch the videos you love from Myanmar and discover new videos daily from Hollywood, China, and Thailand with Telenor’s exclusive video streaming application.


Discover a new way to enjoy videos!

  • Looking for an easy access to a large pool of entertaining videos? Look no further! WowPlay is a video streaming app exclusively for Telenor Myanmar customers.
  • WowPlay allows you to quickly find good quality, localized videos and movies for your tastes and moods. Watch on the go or download to watch offline later.
  • With WowPlay you enter a huge library of quality video content. Thousands of Hours of short clips, TV Series and movies from Myanmar, Thailand, China, Korea and Hollywood are available with High Quality subtitles. You can also stop and resume play from where you last left off!  Everyday this Video library is expanded and refreshed to deliver you more fresh and exciting content.
  •  WowPlay is also compatible with exciting video streaming packs, allowing you to choose data packs that meet the most of your video streaming needs. So hurry up and try WowPlay today!

Watch international movies


Catch up on Myanmar programs and short clips


Download videos to watch offline and adjust the quality settings to suit your needs


Terms and Conditions

  • WowPlay is only available for Telenor Myanmar Prepaid SIM Users
  • WowPlay is a mobile application for which charges for installation on mobile internet will be charged at Telenor’s prevailing rates
  • Content advertised as ‘free’ on WowPlay means free of charge to access, however standard data charges will apply
  • WowPlay and WowPlay ‘VIP’ are only available for Telenor Myanmar SIM users
  • WowPlay VIP pricing is as follows:
    • Daily – 199 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
    • Weekly – 599 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
    • Monthly – 1,500 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
  • Videos categorized as ‘VIP’ within the WowPlay video streaming application are only available for viewing in full once the fee has been deducted from subscriber’s account balance, during the validity period
    • Daily – 199 Ks (including 5% commercial tax) with the benefit of 24 hours’ access to WowPlay VIP
    • Weekly – 599 Ks (including 5% commercial tax) with the benefit of 7 days’ access to WowPlay VIP
    • Monthly – 1,500 Ks (including 5% commercial tax) with the benefit of 30 days’ access to WowPlay VIP
  • The user’s subscription will be automatically renewed after the validity period ends
  • If the user re-subscribes to any of the available VIP subscriptions during the validity period, their previous subscription will be overridden and automatically expire
  • Standard data charges apply
  • Telenor’s Privacy Policy applies to the handling of customer information relating to WowPlay
Frequently Asked Questions
What is WowPlay application?

WowPlay is a video streaming application exclusively for Telenor Myanmar subscribers. In the app, users can find a range of short, medium and long videos so they can watch what they want, anywhere, anytime. Avaliable videos are Myanmar, Thai, Chinese, Hollywood and more. 

How to install WowPlay application?

WowPlay is available on the Telenor Myanmar website and Google Play Store. On the Telenor Myanmar website, please go to the ‘Entertainment’ section, click the 'Direct Download from Telenor Myanmar' link on the WowPlay page. Install the app, after downloading. Please be informed that standard data charges will be applied to download the file. the APK file is about 22MB.

How to log onto WowPlay application?

Once the application is installed, you will be asked to enter your Telenor Myanmar phone number. There are prompts that the user can follow to start enjoying videos immediately. 

How can I search for videos in WowPlay?

Inside WowPlay, you will find many different sections to discover videos such as Featured, Hot Movies, Asian Movies, Funny and more. All of our videos have been chosen by our experts for your enjoyment. If you prefer to search for videos to watch, just input the name of what you want to watch in the search tab.

How much does it cost to watch videos in WowPlay?

To watch videos in WowPlay, standard data charges will be applied. The Hollywood and Korean content are only accessible in the VIP section. To access the VIP section, the following charges will be applied:

Daily – 199 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
Weekly – 599 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
Monthly – 1,500 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)

Telenor recommends that customers to buy a pack such as Data Suboo to use WowPlay to get the most affordable price per MB.

Is WowPlay only for Telenor Myanmar subscribers?

WowPlay application is only for Telenor Myanmar subscribers with their SIM card in SIM Slot 1.

Can I use WowPlay for any device?

Currently, WowPlay is only available for Android 4.2 an above.

Can I use WowPlay with WiFi?

You can use WowPlay with a WiFi connection, but you will need to login using your Telenor mobile number first.

How can I watch videos with WowPlay?

Once you've installed and logged-into WowPlay, you can start watching right away. Just browse for a video and hit play! Note that we recommend you purchase a data pack, such as Data Suboo, before you watch a video - it's the cheapest price per MB for data.

Can I download videos from WowPlay?

Some videos can be downloaded for you to enjoy later. Check if there is a download button, and download the video for later.

How do I get started (quick start)?
  1. Click in SMS short link
  2. Download and install APK file
  3. Register by phone number
  4. Subscribe to "Free VIP monthly"
What is 'Get VIP'?
There are a few steps:
1. Install the app and open it
2. Press play on a video you’d like to watch 
3. You will be redirected to a page that says ‘Get VIP’ 
4. Then, you will see a page with three different options for a daily, weekly or monthly subsection. Select the VIP subscription that you’d like, and click on the subscribe button – the following prices (all exclusive of 5% commercial tax) will apply and will be deducted from the customer’s Telenor main account balance:
Daily – 199 Ks (including 5% commercial tax) 
Weekly – 599 Ks (including 5% commercial tax) 
Monthly – 1,500 Ks (including 5% commercial tax)
1. A confirmation message will appear – click ‘OK’ 
2. The user is now ready to watch videos – the subscription will renew at the end of the validity period 
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