Myanmar Unicode Migration

Telenor Myanmar supports the ambition of the Government of the Union of Myanmar on migration of international standard Unicode font system. We will comply to the instruction of the government by using Unicode in all our communications starting on 1st of October 2019. This page is to give technical assistance to our customers and wider public in the process of migrating Unicode system into their mobiles.

Why should we use Unicode font?

There are several reasons for adopting Unicode:


“Text processing requires understanding the text being processed, and so depends on the character encoding. Unicode provides a solid foundation for processing all text worldwide, while non-Unicode encodings require separate implementations for each encoding and support only a limited set of languages each. Using Unicode consistently also makes it easier to share text processing software around the world.


Some applications support communication and collaboration between users who live in different parts of the world and use different languages. Unicode is the standard that enables worldwide communication, without restrictions imposed by the language that the user uses or region that they live in.


Because many languages are not supported by non-Unicode character encodings, users sometimes submit user-generated content (such as form data) in encodings other than the supported ones (e.g., by changing the browser encoding). This prevents the application from processing the text correctly, for example, when searching for it in the database, or when selecting ads to be placed next to it.


Many Website or application bugs are related to character encodings, because different sites or different localizations of the same site use different character encodings, and the encoding of text data is misinterpreted in many places.”

Learn more about Unicode

Information related to Unicode Migration process can be found in the following links.


Official MCF website - official information relating to Myanmar Unicode standard -


Official Myanmar Unicode website -


Unicode Consortium -


W3C -


SIL International -

How to install Unicode font?

Unicode keyboard and font apk can be downloaded from Playstore and can be installed with one of the following methods.


Setting>> Display>> Select the “Default” Font


Select Default Theme in Theme Style


Change English (US) to English (UK) via Setting >> Language & Input


Select Language with name Unicode in Setting>> Language & Input


In dual language phone, set English as first and Myanmar (Unicode) as second.


Can also be used by installing custom fonts such as iFont.


For those phones which only have ZawGyi font, Unicode font can be installed with custom font APK after doing root access.


If there is no other font profile, the default is already Unicode. Therefore, ZawGyi font profile needs to be removed if it is installed in the device.


Download myFont App from Apple App Store to get Unicode Font Profile such as Pyidaungsu, Myanmar 3. OR Download ttKeyboard>>Install Myanmar Font

Frequently Asked Questions
For Android devices
What do I need if I want to change Unicode system?

Unicode font and Unicode Keyboard

What are the keyboards that support Unicode?

The following keyboards support Unicode;

  • Build-in-Keyboard

  • Gboard Keyboard

  • Manic Keyboard

  • ttKeyboard

  • Bagan Keyboard

  • Frozen Keyboard

  • MUA Keyboard

  • M Keyboard

  • K Keyboard

Where can I download keyboard?

You can download on Play Store App.

Where can I download Font APK?

You can download on Play Store App.

I cannot read texts on Facebook and Messenger. How do I fix this?
  1. Update your Apps.

  2. Go to “Edit Profile” on Facebook and change the “Hometown” to Myanmar.

I cannot read SMS texts How do I fix this?
  1. Turn “ON” SMS on Messenger.

  2. Install “Myan SMS” APK or Manic Keyboard

I cannot read texts on Viber. How do I fix this?

Copy texts to Manic keyboard (or) Converter to read the correct text.

Some of the Webpages have unreadable fonts. How can I read it?

Open with Opera Mini browser in order to see with both formats.

How do I change the contacts and the names of media files and folders in my phone?

There are some mobile applications on Google Playstore for converting fonts.

Are there any text converters?

The followings are text converters from Zawgyi to Unicode.

  • Rabbit Converter

  • Rabbit Converter

  • Myanmar Font Converter

  • MM Font Converter

  • Zawgyi Uni Converter

For iOS devices
Which keyboard supports Unicode on iOS?

ttKeyboard supports unicode on iOS or Zawcode (Unicode) supports both MyanSan or Zawgyi inputs.

Is there a font which supports both Unicode and Zawgyi.

ZawDecode supports 100% Unicode and 80% Zawgyi font. Download myFont App on Apple App Store to install ZawDecode.

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