Telenor offers three flexible top up channels for different customers with different accessibility. Our options include, Recharge Coupon Voucher, Electronic Loading through Telenor POS, and other Payment Channel.


Recharge Coupon Voucher

Get your Recharge Coupon Voucher, ranging from 1000 MMK, 3000 MMK, 5000 MMK & 10000 MMK as you need it.


Electroninc Loading through Telenor POS

You can also top up in multiples of 1000 on E-Load from any Telenor Point of Sale. E-load top up available from 1,000 MMK to 10,000 MMK.


Other Payment Channels

Customer can do Top up from these payment channels such as Wave Money, Red Dot and Mobile Banking Apps.

1000 MMK
Top up Card

3000 MMK
Top up Card

5000 MMK
Top up Card

10000 MMK
Top up Card

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a Telenor SIM card cost?

Telenor SIM cards cost 1500 MMK. You should not pay more than 1500 MMK, unless you buy a special ‘golden number’.

How do I buy a SIM?

You can buy from any point-of-sale that has Telenor branding, or one of Telenor’s own outlets. At the shop you will need to fill in a form using a valid identification in order to register the SIM. In case you do not have an NRC or any proof of identity you will need to get a letter from an authorized representative of your township. The format is available at Telenor shops.

Will Telenor SIM cards be available at any shop or will it be available only at your distributor shops?

You can buy Telenor SIM and top up cards from any shop displaying a Telenor sign as well as our own branded Telenor shops.

What proof of identity can I use to buy SIM?

You can use identification cards such as National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) driving license, passport, student card (from Government recognized education institution) or a recommendation certificate from your ward/village Head.

Will i be charged any commercial tax on the services I use?

Yes, the Government of Myanmar has imposed a 5% commercial tax, which will be charged on customer usage of telecommunication services.

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