With a growing list of available countries and roaming partners, Telenor makes it easy and affordable for you to stay connected when travelling; you will never miss a call ! For leisure or for work, whether you want to make or receive calls, send emails, send SMS, or simply use internet, Telenor will provide the best roaming experience and guide you through the process. Should you need any advice before travelling, please visit our Useful tips or call our Call Centre on 979 If you are already roaming outside of Myanmar please call +95 979 00 979 00.

No Subscription needed - All Telenor SIMs has international Roaming SMS activated by default. Should you wish to bar international services from your line, please call 979.

Thailand-All Service (Postpaid&Prepaid)-4G/LTE roaming available.

Rate Plan Roaming
Talk Calls SMS Data
Send Local Call - call a local number (fix or mobile) 500 Kyats 100 Kyats 500 Kyats per MB
Call back home - Call Myanmar +95 xxxx) 500 Kyats  
Call other countries 1500 Kyats  
receive all calls 200 Kyats Free  

* all calls will be charged per minute

** Local Number = Number from the country where you are roaming - Example : if you roam in Thailand - local number is Thai Number (+66xxxx)

*** Data Roaming will be charged per 50 KB

Useful tips

    Check to see if the country you are visiting that supports/has a roaming agreement with Telenor Myanmar.
    To avoid any service interruption when roaming, please ensure that you have enough credit (minium of 25000.00 kyats) for both incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and data service.
    put a password lock on your handset’s keypad to prevent accidental usage( data or making calls) while you’re roaming.
    It’s easy to control voice calls and SMS you make but data roaming can take place without your knowledge, to save and avoid huge data usage;
        (a)To use the data roaming, please make sure your Mobile Data is active
        (b) avoid opening email attachments , especially large files
        (c) visit mobile websites instead of the standard web version when given the option
        (d) do not allow children from accessing online games
        (e) close all applications as they can consume data in the background and if in doubt Turn OFF the data roaming .

How to make a call when roaming

Whether you are calling locally or Back home to Myanmar, please make sure you are dialling the international number format. Example

    To call or SMS a Telenor Myanmar subscriber, dial +95 979 XXXXXXX
    To call Back other destinations, please use the below format

Dial 00 or +

Country Name Country Code
China +86
Thailand +66
India +91
Singapore +65
Malaysia +60
Vietnam +84
United Kingdom +44
United States of America +1
Japan +81

Area code

Area Code Phone Number /Mobile Number
Shanghai = 21 +8621XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Bangkok = 2 +662XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Mumbai/Bombay = 22 +9122XXXXXXXXXXXXX
No Area Code required +65XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Kuala Lumpur +603XXXXXXXXXXXXX
London = 20 +4420XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Washington D.C = 202 +1202XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Frequently Asked Questions: 
Can I use my Telenor Myanmar mobile services while I'm in foreign countries?

Yes, if you are valid customer of Telenor Myanmar and the country you are visiting is covered.

Which are the countries I can use in and the operators that I can with my Telenor SIM?

There are a large number of Operators and Countries that you can connect/roam with your Telenor.

Do I need to pay for receiving calls while roaming?

You have to pay for both making and receiving calls.

What should I do and whom should I inform in case I have lost my phone or if it has been stolen?

Please call our Customer Care Team ASAP when your phone has been stolen or lost as we need to place call barring to your mobile. And you may be liable for all charges until you have reported it lost or stolen to us.

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