Po Po Pyor

Extra benefits in existing Shal Suboo High end packs.

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Weekly Work from Home

To overcome these challenges during work from home period, “Work From Home Pack” is there for you with excellence mobile network speed. 

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Call to the World

Enjoy call to the World of 40 kyats per min to any destinations in the world.

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Telenor Business | Sate Tine Kya Plan

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Call Like Local

Enjoy call like local of 24 kyats per min to Singapore and India.

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Unlimited Facebook

Telenor’s subscribers can enjoy Unlimited Facebook browsing during night hours for 30days, in just 99Ks.

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Shal Suboo JOOX

Choose this Shal Suboo pack, tailored for music lovers, that comes with 500MB data.

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Worry Free Roaming Combo Pack

Enjoy “ Worry Free Roaming Combo Pack “ data roaming (unlimited data/internet) plus 25% OFF to all voice calls and SMS of 4,999Ks in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Nepal Pass

Enjoy special data roaming rate of 25 kyats per MB for all Telenor prepaid and star postpaid subscribers in Nepal. 

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HTM Pass

Special Roaming pack for telenor users has arrived! Enjoy data roaming with the price as low as 50Ks per MB in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau with Telenor's HTM Pass!

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Korean Pass

Enjoy special data roaming rate of 50 kyats per MB for all Telenor prepaid and star postpaid subscribers in Korea. 

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Talk 5 min and get 5 min for free to call Thailand

All Telenor prepaid subscribers can enjoy extra bonus (5) minutes by making a calls to any operators in Thailand for (5) min within 24hrs.

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Roam Like Home in 12 Asian Countries

Telenor Internet Service can be used in 12 Asian destinations with 10 Ks per MB.

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Ozzie Pass- Weekly Data Roaming Pack

Enjoy your data roaming in Australia and New Zealand with Telenor internet.

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Sate Kyite Pyaw +

Dial *666# now to get talk 1s and pay 1s deal for telenor to telenor calls and telenor to any calls.

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Shal Suboo

Dial *979*2*2# now not to waste any leftover data! Shal Suboo plan is now here for you!

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Super Htaw

Super Htaw will increase 6 (or) 7 Times to the phone balance depending on the choice.

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Shal Suboo + Wifi

With the most affordable rate 4,990 Ks, Telenor users can now use mobile data and Sate Kyite Thone internet!

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Shal Suboo Share

You can transfer data to your family and friends with Shal Suboo Share.

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Data Roaming in Japan

Enjoy your data roaming in Japan with Telenor internet.

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Euro Pass 14 countries

Enjoy data in 14 countries with only 50 Ks per MB.Subscribe now for 7 days with 5,000 Ks only.

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Power Load

Available for all telenor prepaid customers. Subscribe the best offers now via Power Load.

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Messaging Pack

Enjoy Viber & SMS with only 199 Ks.

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Most affordable International call

Get the most affordable price, 45 Ks per minute, with *979*2*5*1# for voice call.

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IDD daily pack to call Thai , Malay and China

Make calls to China, Malaysia and Thailand with the most affordable rate, 45 Ks per minute.

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Myanmar’s Cheapest Facebook Pack

Get the most value out of your money! Only 1 Ks for 1 MB to use Facebook.

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Data Night Packs

Enjoy the best data offer all night long!

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