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“Do More to Get More” with all new MyTelenor 3.8. Brand new look and feel will entertain you with more excitements and you will get more rewards by simply interacting more with the new app. MyTelenor 3.8 is the FIRST in its kind that has credit card and bank payment integrations which let you purchase any Telenor products in alot more convenient way.Purchase Data Suboo 700MB, 900MB, 1000MB via MyTelenor app to enjoy Shal Shake and benefits.

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The brand new MyTelenor app 3.8 can be downloaded easily from both App Store or Google Play Store or just by scanning the following QR code.


Referral Program

Get special benefits by referring MyTelenor App to a new user.

What is Referral Program ?

Just by referring your friends and family to use MyTelenor App, you will get discount coupons to use in SHOP App.

Download MyTelenor App

MyTelenor app 3.8 can be downloaded easily from both App Store or Google Play Store.

Click “Sign in with Connect”

Once download the app, sign in with connect ID.

How will it appear

For MyTelenor App first time new users, automatic referral pop-up box will appear in the screen after connect ID login before home page landing.

Input Referral Number

Input the valid referred Telenor number in contact box then press “REFER NOW”.

Notification of referral bonus

The referred person will receive the notification SMS for bonus of referring new user.For commercial number, customers will get discount coupon from (Coupon of 600 Ks off with min spending of 5000 Ks on SHOP mobile app)


Customers will get 600 Ks off with minimum spending of 5000 Ks on SHOP mobile app. Shop is the no.1 online shopping destination in Myanmar where you can find and buy over 100,000 products across hundreds of brands which we deliver to your doorsteps. To download SHOP App click here.

Daily From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Buy Data Suboo Combo 700MB

@799 Ks

Get Extra

125MB (7 Days)


1 Ya Kun Coffee

* Buy 2 slice toast and present the discount code to enjoy one free coffee
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Key Features

The brand new MyTelenor 3.8 App brings you the whole new experience with the new key features. Download and explore the new experiences now!


New Design Change

MyTelenor app version 3.8 with exciting features such as intuitive (simple, clean, accessible) new utility dashboard, fun rewards and games, the best offers customized for you, our Telenor STAR Loyalty program, more payment options to top-up conveniently, and lots more to discover from Telenor.


Enhance Utility Features

Easy and Faster (one click) utility features included such as Easy QR top up, Bank Top Up, Check Main balance and your pack balance, Pack purchase and Easy Balance Transfer function in home dashboard.


Gamification (Shake & WIN)

Purchases 700MB,900MB,1000MB Data SuBoo pack from My Telenor App and SHAKE to WIN up to 150GB free data bonus.


STAR Loyalty Program

Full redemption journey for Telenor Loyalty program for Telenor STAR customers. MyTelenor App Loyalty program show the customer’s STAR status, full partner’s benefits and it can be done full end to end coupon redemption journey for Telenor STAR customer.


Telenor Pay

Industrial first digital payment/top up solution integrated in the new MyTelenor App. Customers can make easy and secure top up from the Visa, Master and MPU cards that allowed to make transaction for local E-commerce transactions from the Bank in new MyTelenor app.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Referral Program
What is Referral Program feature?

Referral Program is about offering benefits to app promoting Telenor users.

How can we get referral bonus?

When party A introduces to install app to MyTelenor app first time users (party B), party B will see the referral pop up box in the screen after connect ID login before home page landing. Party B can input the MSISDN of party A in pop up box then go to home page. Then party A will get referral bonus.

How can referred person know the bonus?

SMS will be received for getting the bonus.

Who are eligible for Referral Bonus?

Only valid Telenor numbers are eligible for Referral bonus.

What benefits can referred person get?

Referral person can get based on type of SIM hold.
- If Commercial SIMs, he or she will get the partners' discount coupon. (Coupon of 600 Ks off with min spending of 5000 Ks on SHOP mobile app)
- If partner SIMs (like POS), he or she will get the Eload balance instantly. (100 Kyats Bonus)
- If CSE/ISE SIMs, he or she will get the monthly benefits based on sales scheme.

What benefits can Referee (new users) get?

Referee will get usual 50 MB free for app download.

What is validity period for coupon discount?

Within 2 weeks after receiving the coupon.

Is there any limitation for numbers of referral?

There is no limitation on numbers of referral.

What is MyTelenor App?

MyTelenor App is a useful (utility) mobile application for Telenor Myanmar subscribers for easy access with rich experience to the Telenor services, offers and many more information and features.

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What is the validity of Free Data Bonus?
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Can I get free 50MB data after downloading new MyTelenor app?
My payment has failed. Why?
Payment was successful and the amount has been deducted from my card. But I haven’t received the top-up amount.
“Save the card for next time payment” option. What is this?
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