Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

New MyTelenor App

“Do More to Get More” with all new MyTelenor 3.20.
Brand new look and feel will entertain you with more excitements and you will get more rewards by simply interacting more with the new app. MyTelenor 3.20 is the FIRST in its kind that has credit card and bank payment integrations which let you purchase any Telenor products in alot more convenient way.

Purchase Shal Suboo 700MB, 925MB, 1500MB via MyTelenor app to enjoy Shal Shake and benefits.

Key Features

flexi app

Your Favourite Plan, your creation

Make your own plan according to your own needs of Internet, Talk-Time, SMS, Validity with great savings and stand a chance to win

Up to 1,000 GB

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shal shake
shal shake

Key Features

The brand new MyTelenor 3.20 App brings you the whole new experience with the new key features. Download and explore the new experiences now!

new design

New Design Change

MyTelenor app version 3.20 with exciting features such as intuitive (simple, clean, accessible) new utility dashboard, fun rewards and games, the best offers customized for you, our Telenor STAR Loyalty program, more payment options to top-up conveniently, and lots more to discover from Telenor.

new design

Enhance Utility Features

Easy and Faster (one click) utility features included such as Easy QR top up, Bank Top Up, Check Main balance and your pack balance, Pack purchase and Easy Balance Transfer function in home dashboard.

new design

Gamification (Shake & WIN)

Purchases 700MB, 850MB, 925MB, 1500MB Shal SuBoo pack from My Telenor App and SHAKE to WIN up to 300GB free data bonus.

new design

STAR Loyalty Program

Full redemption journey for Telenor Loyalty program for Telenor STAR customers. MyTelenor App Loyalty program show the customer’s STAR status, full partner’s benefits and it can be done full end to end coupon redemption journey for Telenor STAR customer.

new design

Telenor Pay

Industrial first digital payment/top up solution integrated in the new MyTelenor App. Customers can make easy and secure top up from the Visa, Master and MPU cards that allowed to make transaction for local E-commerce transactions from the Bank in new MyTelenor app.

Watch how MyTelenor works

Secure with MyTelenor 3.0

Not on MyTelenor app yet? Download now!

my telenor

The brand new MyTelenor app 3.20 can be downloaded easily from both App Store or Google Play Store or just by scanning the following QR code.


Scan QR code here:

qr code

Download MyTelenor App

Frequently Asked Questions

MyTelenor App is a useful (utility) mobile application for Telenor Myanmar subscribers for easy access with rich experience to the Telenor services, offers and many more information and features.

You can directly download MyTelenor App without data charges by visiting our MyTelenor mobile portal, “mytelenor.com.mm/app”. You can also download the app from Google Play Store or App Store, but please note that standard data charges apply.

In addition to your usual favorites like QR code top up, balance transfer and call me back, the new MyTelenor gives you rewards and extras perks from our two brand new features: Shal reward and Shal Shake. Telenor Star customers will also be able to redeem their Star rewards right from the app without having to send SMS anymore.

You can quickly top up with QR code by hitting the QR icon on app dashboard or you can go to Top Up from dashboard with multiple options including ability to top up for your friends and family.

You can easily transfer money to other Telenor numbers by either selecting from previous transfer history or by typing in amount and phone number. Just go to Balance Transfer from dashboard.

Buying packs has just been made more accessible via MyTelenor app bottom navigation area. Under Packs, you will be able to view usual packs plus all the extra promotional packs that we offer at the moment. The dashboard of the app also offers best offers customized just for you.

You can change your subscription plans on voice and data in the “Account” menu from the bottom navigation bar. From there, you can also explore and convert between our voice and data plans free of charge.

There is currently three languages supported in the app (English, MM ZawGyi and MM Unicode). You can change the language before app log-in stage or by visiting Change Language area from Help menu after login.

MyTelenor is absolutely free to use! There will be no data charges for usage of MyTelenor app but since MyTelenor needs data connectivity to be on while you’re using, please be mindful of other apps that might be consuming your data in the background.

Yes, you can use the MyTelenor app even when you have zero balance so that you can use the app for emergency top up/ pack purchase etc.

You can choose to purchase Shal Suboo 700MB, 825MB, 925MB and 1500MB from MyTelenor app. You will be able to win instant rewards from 50MB to 150GB free data. Simply shake your phone when “Shal Shake’ pop up appears.

You will win from min 50MB to ~ 1. Up to 50 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Shal Suboo 700 MB pack 2. Up to 120 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Shal Suboo 850 MB pack 3. Up to 150 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Shal Suboo 925 MB pack 4. Up to 300 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Shal Suboo 1500 MB pack

Validity of the bonus is 7 days.

Yes, unused bonus will be expired after 7 days unless you purchase a new shal shake pack and win bonus to extend validity period.

Multi-Account feature is the managing account for your loved one in your MyTelenor App.

After you added one phone number under your account, you can manage top up, buy packs and do a lot more for that added number easily.

No, both prepaid and postpaid numbers can add into your child account in multi-account function with OTP verification method.

1. No restriction required for non-MyTelenor App user. 2. For MyTelenor app users, they need to allow the "Allow your number to link with others" option from Account Management page of multi-account page.

You can add maximum 5 numbers into your manage Account.

Yes, you can remove yourself easily under your account section of multi-account management page.

No, you can only see and access multi-account function on 3.18 and above versions.

You can choose to purchase from 3 voice pack (Telenor to Telenor 3000 Seconds , 5400 Seconds and 5500 Seconds packs) from MyTelenor App. You will be able to win instant rewards from 10MB to 50GB free data bonus. Simply shake your phone when “Shal Shake’ pop up.

You will win Up to 10 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Telenor to Telenor 3000 Seconds pack Up to 20 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Telenor to Telenor 5400 Seconds pack Up to 150 GB extra data bonus by purchasing Telenor to Telenor 5500 Seconds pack

Validity of the bonus is 5 days.

Yes, unused bonus will be expired after 5 days unless you purchase a new pack and win bonus to extend validity period.

Shal Shake Voice Packs data bonus will not combine with Data Shal Shake bonus.

You need to have MyTelenor App version 3.9 to enjoy Shal Shake Voice Packs

Visa/Master cards - Local card issuing banks have different infra and policies regarding online payments with card. Customers should contact their card issuing banks to find out the reason for declining online payment transactions. MPU cards - MPU cards need to be e-commerce enabled in order to use for topup with MyTelenor app. If the payment transaction always fail, please contact issuing bank for detailed reason.

This case is unlikely to happen. But customers may contact TML for such incidents and we will need to investigate that particular transaction. Please request for the following information: MSISDN of the card holder MSISDN for top-up (if it’s different from card holder’s MSISDN) Card scheme (Visa/Master, MPU) Issuing bank (Aya, CB, KBZ, etc.) Currency of the card Last 4 digits of the card user attempted to use Attempted transaction date/time Provide these information to business team and we will get back within 3 working days with a resolution after investigation.

For Visa/Master cards, there’s an option for users to opt-in to store the card information securely. So that in subsequent purchases, users won’t need to enter full card details and will be able to make payment by entering just CVV and OTP.

Referral Program is about offering benefits to app promoting Telenor users.

When party A introduces to install app to MyTelenor app first time users (party B), party B will see the referral pop up box in the screen after connect ID login before home page landing. Party B can input the MSISDN of party A in pop up box then go to home page. Then party A will get referral bonus.

SMS will be received for getting the bonus.

Only valid Telenor commercial prepaid customers are eligible for Referral bonus.

500MB Free data bonus will be received on referrer MSISDN per refer time and bonus can be use on 5 calendar days.

Referee will get free app sign up bonus (Up to 10 GB) for app download and sign up.

Campaign will be ended on (30/Sep/2020) – until further notice.

There is no limitation on numbers of referral.

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