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“Do More to Get More” with all new MyTelenor 3.6.0. Brand new look and feel will entertain you with more excitements and you will get more rewards by simply interacting more with the new app. MyTelenor 3.6.0 is the FIRST in its kind that has credit card and bank payment integrations which let you purchase any Telenor products in alot more convenient way.Purchase Data Suboo 700MB, 900MB, 1000MB via MyTelenor app to enjoy Shal Shake and benefits.

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The brand new MyTelenor app 3.6.0 can be downloaded easily from both App Store or Google Play Store or just by scanning the following QR code.


Update MyTelenor Application to latest version 3.6.0 and purchase any package of your preference. Shal Spin Shal Win is waiting for you!


KIA Picanto
(4) Prizes


(5) Prizes


Bill (2000) kyats
(5000) Prizes


Telenor to Telenor (1000) SMS
(5000) Prizes


Presents for Telenor Partners
(6000) Prizes



4K Curved TV (5) prizes


KIA Sportage

(1) prize


iPad 2018

128GB 4G (10 ) prizes


Phone Bill (2,500) Ks

Daily (5,000) Prize


Oppo F9 64 GB

Daily (3) Prize


Telenor Star's Partners

Daily Special Prize (3,000)

Winners List

Samsung J2

Date Phone Number Name Region
06.21.2019 097xxxx7184 Ko Than Tun Aung Mandalay
06.21.2019 097xxxx6114 Ko Maung Ko Win Mandalay
06.21.2019 097xxxx4477 Ko Wai Yan Htay Myint Mandalay
06.21.2019 097xxxx7460 Ko Khin Maung Htwe Yangon
06.21.2019 097xxxx0455 U Thein Toe Ayeyarwaddy
06.20.2019 097xxxx4182 Ko Ade Sai log Kachin
06.20.2019 097xxxx7563 Ma Ei Phyu Htway Yangon
06.20.2019 097xxxx2900 Ko Pyae Phyo San Yangon
06.19.2019 097xxxx6310 Ko ThiHan Tanintharyi
06.19.2019 097xxxx7110 Ma Kin Myo Htway Yangon
06.18.2019 097xxxx7655 Ko Han Myint Yangon
06.18.2019 097xxxx4360 Ko Aung Ko Min Bago
06.18.2019 097xxxx8704 Ko Hein Htet Naing Shan State
06.18.2019 097xxxx2508 Ko Kaung Sat Aung Mon State
06.17.2019 097xxxx6116 Ko Phyo Wai Yangon
06.17.2019 097xxxx3906 Ko Zin Wai Sagaing
06.17.2019 097xxxx6731 Ko Tin Ko Khant Yangon
06.16.2019 097xxxx3756 Ma Zar Zar Oo Yangon
06.16.2019 097xxxx6332 Ko Naing Linn Mandalay
06.16.2019 097xxxx1756 Ko Aung Aung Oo Bago
06.15.2019 097xxxx4076 Ko Soe Moe Naing Aung Mandalay
06.15.2019 097xxxx0693 Ma Aye Aye Aung Ayeyarwaddy
06.15.2019 097xxxx9762 Ma Htet Htet Naing Mon State
06.14.2019 097xxxx8561 Ma Hinn Shwe Ye Oo Yangon
06.14.2019 097xxxx5593 Ko Aung Zaw Phyo Magway
06.14.2019 097xxxx6200 Ma Thidar Oo Ayeyarwaddy
06.14.2019 097xxxx4962 Ko Ye Yarzar Aung Yangon
06.13.2019 097xxxx5333 Ma Nann Nandar Thein Mandalay
06.13.2019 097xxxx0178 Ko Shine Htet Aung Ayeyarwaddy
06.13.2019 097xxxx2935 Ko Aung Kyaw Phyo Yangon
06.13.2019 097xxxx6424 Ko Lin Lin Aung Mandalay
06.12.2019 097xxxx1533 Ko Htet Lin Kyaw Ayeyarwaddy
06.12.2019 097xxxx7588 Ko Myo Min Thu Yangon
06.12.2019 097xxxx7587 Ma Su Su Myat Yangon
06.12.2019 097xxxx3007 Ko Zar Ni Tun Sagaing
06.12.2019 097xxxx6926 Ma Shwe Yee Nan Soe Mon
06.11.2019 097xxxx4410 Ma Thi Thi Khaing Mandalay
06.11.2019 097xxxx5881 Ko Thurein Hlaing Bago
06.11.2019 097xxxx1719 Ko Pyae Sone Aung Ayeyarwaddy
06.11.2019 097xxxx2047 Ko Lin Kyi Phyo Bago
06.10.2019 097xxxx6215 Ko Aung Ko Ko Maw Yangon
06.10.2019 097xxxx5100 Ko Shwe Toe Yangon
06.10.2019 097xxxx8904 Ko Kung Khat Naing Sagaing
06.10.2019 097xxxx5678 Ko Chan Nyein Aung Kachin State
06.10.2019 097xxxx1438 Ko Zin Min Khat Tanintharyi
06.09.2019 097xxxx6085 Ko Kyaw Thu Soe Yangon
06.09.2019 097xxxx4553 Ko Aung Thite Oo Mon State
06.09.2019 097xxxx7756 Ma Nan Phyu Phyu Phway Kayin State
06.08.2019 097xxxx2558 Ko Kaung Kyaw Htet Bago
06.08.2019 097xxxx1089 Ko Aung Htet Myat Myo Ayeyarwaddy
06.08.2019 097xxxx2892 Ma Nyunt Nyunt Htay Shan State
06.08.2019 097xxxx9020 Ko Pyae Phyo Aung Yangon
06.07.2019 097xxxx6998 Ko Aung Thu Mandalay
06.07.2019 097xxxx7090 Ma Pa Pa Mon Yangon
06.07.2019 097xxxx8977 Ko Kaung Htet Sagaing
06.07.2019 097xxxx6064 Ko Myo Min Thant Yangon
06.06.2019 097xxxx3252 Ko Myat Htet Aung Kayin State
06.06.2019 097xxxx4117 Ko Chit Ko Oo Mon State
06.06.2019 097xxxx9474 Ko Than Htut Yangon
06.06.2019 097xxxx6096 Ko Sai YeThu Aung Yangon
06.06.2019 097xxxx1509 Ko Chan Main Mon State
06.05.2019 097xxxx7391 Ko Khun Kyaw Aung Yangon
06.05.2019 097xxxx3435 Ma Ohmmar Thin Bago
06.05.2019 097xxxx2470 KoAung Thiha Yangon
06.05.2019 097xxxx1652 Ko Moe Kyaw Thu Yangon
06.05.2019 097xxxx04252 Ma Htet Htet Khine Yangon
06.04.2019 097xxxx5054 Ko Phyo Thar Aung Mandalay
06.04.2019 097xxxx7113 Ma Ei Ei Mon Yangon
06.04.2019 097xxxx8645 Ko Yan Naing Win Shan State
06.04.2019 097xxxx6700 Ma Kyu Kyu Khing Mon State
06.04.2019 097xxxx0527 Ma Myint Myint Htay Sagaing
06.03.2019 097xxxx6610 Ko Kyaw Min Tun Shan State
06.03.2019 097xxxx5970 Ko Nyein Wai Phyo Yangon
06.03.2019 097xxxx3836 Ma Thae Ei Mon Mandalay
06.03.2019 097xxxx0071 Ma Thin Thin Moe Kachin
06.03.2019 097xxxx6993 Ko Htet Aung Ayeyarwaddy
06.02.2019 097xxxx3411 Ko Aung Myint Myat Naypyitaw
06.02.2019 097xxxx1363 Ko Thet Ko Ko Zaw Mandalay
06.02.2019 097xxxx7035 Ma Nya Lay Phyu Sagaing
06.02.2019 097xxxx6346 Ko Khant Wai Aung Mon
06.01.2019 097xxxx7492 Ko Pyae Phyo Paing Yangon
06.01.2019 097xxxx1008 Ko Soe Htwe Bago
06.01.2019 097xxxx9538 Ko Khin Maung Win Yangon
06.01.2019 097xxxx2901 Ma Ehe Eaint Eaint Ko Yangon
05.31.2019 097xxxx0159 Ma Phyu Phyu Win Tanintharyi
05.31.2019 097xxxx5775 Ma Khaing Thanzin Phuu Mon State
05.31.2019 097xxxx2981 Ko Maung Maung Thit Yangon
05.31.2019 097xxxx4919 Ma Than Than Aye Mon
05.31.2019 097xxxx2416 Ko Kaung Sat Phyo Yangon
05.30.2019 097xxxx7239 Ko Wai Yan Phyo Kachin State
05.30.2019 097xxxx8937 Ko Toe Wai Aung Naypyitaw
05.30.2019 097xxxx6209 Ma Thandar Hlaing Yangon
05.30.2019 097xxxx1535 Ko Ya Wai Oo Sagaing
05.29.2019 097xxxx1533 Ko Kyaw Zin Oo Mandalay
05.29.2019 097xxxx3742 Ko Tin Tun Win Yangon
05.29.2019 097xxxx7118 Ko Kyaw Zay Yar Tun Mandalay
05.29.2019 097xxxx5975 Ma Thu Zar Mon State
05.28.2019 097xxxx7422 Ko Nay Myo Thu Yangon
05.28.2019 097xxxx2562 Ko Aung Min Mandalay
05.28.2019 097xxxx1488 Ma Nan Zin Mar Win Shan
05.28.2019 097xxxx9077 Ma Ngwe Ngwe Win Yangon
05.27.2019 097xxxx5450 Ko Pyae Phyo Kyaw Rakhine
05.27.2019 097xxxx8322 Ko Kyaw San Tanintharyi
05.27.2019 097xxxx4891 Ko Nyi Nyi Tun Kayar
05.27.2019 097xxxx0621 Ko Ye Yint Oo Bago
05.27.2019 097xxxx2402 Ma Than Than Mandalay
05.26.2019 097xxxx6924 Ko Tun Lin Aung Naypyitaw
05.26.2019 097xxxx0784 Ma May Zin Aung Yangon
05.26.2019 097xxxx5523 Ko Phyo Zaw Kachin
05.26.2019 097xxxx1069 Ma May Mi Mi Thant Yangon
05.25.2019 097xxxx4545 Ma Phyu Hinn Wai Yangon
05.25.2019 097xxxx5151 Ashin U San Di Mar Mon
05.25.2019 097xxxx9801 Ko Shane Min Aung Yangon
05.24.2019 097xxxx9219 U Myint Oo Yangon
05.24.2019 097xxxx5007 Ko Zaw Myo Chit Kayin
05.24.2019 097xxxx6483 Ma Hinn Thandar Myo Mandalay
05.24.2019 097xxxx3502 Ko Nyain Ko KO Shan
05.24.2019 097xxxx0706 Ko Htet Aung Mandalay
05.23.2019 097xxxx2032 Ashin U Wi Lar Ta Mandalay
05.23.2019 097xxxx2729 Ko Zar Ni Phone Maw Shan State
05.23.2019 097xxxx4289 Ko Zwe Man Htet Yangon
05.23.2019 097xxxx8528 Ko Ye Naing Yangon
05.23.2019 097xxxx2901 Ma Cho Lat Lat Win Mon
05.22.2019 097xxxx3785 Ko Naing Win Yangon
05.22.2019 097xxxx3625 Ko Aung Khaing Soe Shan State
05.22.2019 097xxxx7311 Ko Yan Naung Shan State
05.22.2019 097xxxx0274 Ko Than Zin Ko Ayeyarwaddy
05.22.2019 097xxxx9717 Ko Sai Han Main Kachin
05.21.2019 097xxxx2786 Ma Htet Htet Oo Yangon
05.21.2019 097xxxx2847 Ko Wai Yan Yangon
05.21.2019 097xxxx0151 Daw Win Htay Yangon
05.21.2019 097xxxx8083 Ko So Pyay Mandalay
05.21.2019 097xxxx5985 Ma Kay Thi Mon Mon Naing Bago
05.20.2019 097xxxx7106 Ko Thurain Paing Soe Bago
05.20.2019 097xxxx0826 Ko Bo Bo Aung Ayeyarwaddy
05.20.2019 097xxxx7365 Ko Kyaw Swar Hlaing Yangon
05.20.2019 097xxxx9747 Ma Aye Aye Phyo Tanintharyi
05.20.2019 097xxxx8725 Ko Sillbayster Kayar
05.19.2019 097xxxx8250 Ko Inn Khan Thu Htwe Mandalay
05.19.2019 097xxxx2391 Ko Ye Lay Mandalay
05.19.2019 097xxxx7251 Ma La Won Naing Mon
05.19.2019 097xxxx9495 Ko Than Zin Tun Mon
05.19.2019 097xxxx1122 Ko Aung Thu Win Naypyitaw
05.18.2019 097xxxx9791 Ko Aung Kyaw Thant Sagaing
05.18.2019 097xxxx8794 Ko Zin Linn Mon
05.18.2019 097xxxx1168 Ma Nan Thinzar Win Mon
05.18.2019 097xxxx9344 Ko Aung Ye Kyaw Bago
05.18.2019 097xxxx6834 Ma Kay Ti Mar Win Mandalay
05.17.2019 097xxxx3345 Ma Hinn Htet Htet Aung Mon
05.17.2019 097xxxx4237 Daw Mya Than Sagaing
05.17.2019 097xxxx2079 Ko Nan Moe Aung Yangon
05.17.2019 097xxxx2214 Ko Kyaw Swe Mandalay
05.17.2019 097xxxx4690 Ko Thet Lwin Oo Yangon
05.16.2019 097xxxx9952 Htet Myat Aung Rakhine
05.16.2019 097xxxx8597 Myo Thura Kyaw Yangon
05.16.2019 097xxxx9522 Ma Phyo Pyae Sone Thwe Shan State
05.16.2019 097xxxx6681 Shine Htet Aung Shan State
05.15.2019 097xxxx7904 Ma Aye Aye Kyain Magway
05.15.2019 097xxxx9414 U Than Tun Ayeyarwaddy
05.15.2019 097xxxx0143 Ko Aung Kyaw Moe Mandalay
05.15.2019 097xxxx1702 U Myint Sain Yangon
05.13.2019 097xxxx9051 Ko Chan Nyein Soe Mandalay
05.14.2019 097xxxx4848 Ko Ye Naing Yangon
05.14.2019 097xxxx4578 Ko Thuya Tun Naypyitaw
05.14.2019 097xxxx4282 Ko Si Thu Nyaing Chan Aung Yangon
05.14.2019 097xxxx5066 Ko Hein Sat Bago
05.14.2019 097xxxx7133 Ko Nay Myo Yangon
05.13.2019 097xxxx3056 Ko Bala Min Htin Sagaing
05.13.2019 097xxxx7642 Ma Htet Nandar Tun Yangon
05.13.2019 097xxxx0635 Ma Pyae Mon Mon Aye Yangon
05.09.2019 097xxxx1804 Ma Hlaing Chit Su Yangon
05.09.2019 097xxxx3510 Ko Zaw Htet Mandalay
05.09.2019 097xxxx7386 Ko Aung Hein Phyo Yangon
05.10.2019 097xxxx7386 Ko Aung Hein Phyo Yangon
05.10.2019 097xxxx0136 Ko Aung Kyaw Oo Shan State
05.10.2019 097xxxx4242 Ko Kyaw Myo Tun Mandalay
05.11.2019 097xxxx7756 Ma Thazin Aung Naypyitaw
05.11.2019 097xxxx7220 Ko Hmoo Pyae Sone Aung Yangon
05.11.2019 097xxxx3951 Ma May Thu Khaning Yangon
05.11.2019 097xxxx3916 Ma Moe Hinn Pwint Yangon
05.12.2019 097xxxx1933 Ma Su Pyae Win Bago
05.12.2019 097xxxx9953 Ko Wai Yan Min Phyo Yangon
05.12.2019 097xxxx2398 Ko Sai Aung Hein Shan State
05.12.2019 097xxxx3283 U Than Min Win Magaway

Will be announced after lucky draw period.

Key Features

The brand new MyTelenor 3.6.0 App brings you the whole new experience with the new key features. Download and explore the new experiences now!


New Design Change

MyTelenor app version 3.6.0 with exciting features such as intuitive (simple, clean, accessible) new utility dashboard, fun rewards and games, the best offers customized for you, our Telenor STAR Loyalty program, more payment options to top-up conveniently, and lots more to discover from Telenor.


Enhance Utility Features

Easy and Faster (one click) utility features included such as Easy QR top up, Bank Top Up, Check Main balance and your pack balance, Pack purchase and Easy Balance Transfer function in home dashboard.


Gamification (Shake & WIN)

Purchases 700MB,900MB,1000MB Data SuBoo pack from My Telenor App and SHAKE to WIN up to 150GB free data bonus.


STAR Loyalty Program

Full redemption journey for Telenor Loyalty program for Telenor STAR customers. MyTelenor App Loyalty program show the customer’s STAR status, full partner’s benefits and it can be done full end to end coupon redemption journey for Telenor STAR customer.


Telenor Pay

Industrial first digital payment/top up solution integrated in the new MyTelenor App. Customers can make easy and secure top up from the Visa, Master and MPU cards that allowed to make transaction for local E-commerce transactions from the Bank in new MyTelenor app.

Watch how MyTelenor works

Frequently Asked Questions
Shal Spin Shal Win
What is “Shal SPIN, Shal WIN”?

Shal SPIN, Shal WIN is a new MyTelenor App (exclusive) campaign for Telenor Myanmar Prepaid customers. In this big lucky draw campaign, customers have chance to Win Telco and Non-Telco benefits from SPIN and WIN lucky draw.

How Can I Get lucky draw Tickets to play Shal SPIN, Shal WIN?

First, customer need to purchase a pack from any Channels (App, Wowbox, USSD, SMS and Eload…etc). Then customer need to open the MyTelenor app to get the SPIN count to play the “Shal SPIN, Shal WIN” campaign. Available SPIN counts will be differ based on customer’s pack purchase amount as per below,

  • < 400 Ks = 1 coupon
  • 400 – 1000 Ks = 2 coupons
  • 1001 – 3000 Ks = 3 coupons
  • > 3000 Ks = 5 coupons

Customers can check their earned SPIN counts in MyTelenor App, within 48 hours after pack purchase from any channels.

Received SPIN counts will be expired on the campaign end date.

How Can I Play Shal SPIN, Shal WIN Campaign?

One SPIN count can play one time SPIN by dragging the any area of the Wheel or Click the “SPIN NOW” button.

What is the Prizes for Shal SPIN, Shal WIN?

Shal SPIN, Shal WIN Daily Prizes are as below -

  1. SAMSUNG J2 Ph (Black) - Daily 5 prizes
  2. Extra Ph Bill 2,000 Ks (local any net paygo) – Daily 5,000 prizes
  3. T-T 1,000 SMS – Daily 5,000 prizes
  4. 15% Off at Giordano Shops – Daily 3,000 prizes
  5. 2,000 Ks OFF with min. spending of 10,000 Ks  at SHOP App – Daily 3,000 prizes
  6. No Luck (Better Luck Next Time)
What is the Shal SPIN, Shal WIN promotion period?

Promotion period from 8 May 2019 to 21 Jun 2019.Date may change based on campaign launch date and campaign total duration is 45 days.

How can I get “KIA Picanto CAR” from Shal SPIN, Shal WIN program?

AllTelenor Myanmar will select (random logic base) the Winner of 4 car prizes after the "Shal SPIN, Shal WIN" campaign period from the list of "Shal SPIN" played users within campaign period. Detail program will announce later.

Where can I download new MyTelenor App?

You can download new MyTelenor App from below link or scan QR code, Download Link:
Scan QR:

What is MyTelenor App?

MyTelenor App is a useful (utility) mobile application for Telenor Myanmar subscribers for easy access with rich experience to the Telenor services, offers and many more information and features.

How Can I download MyTelenor App?
What’s new in MyTelenor?
How do I Top Up from MyTelenor app?
How can I do Balance Transfer from MyTelenor app?
How do I buy Packs and view Telenor’s latest offers?
How can I change the voice and data Plans?
How many languages are supported in the App?
Is the app free to use?
Can I use MyTelenor app with zero balance?
What is Shal Shake Version 2 and how can I win extra data bonus from it?
Will I win the same bonus from 3 packs ?
What is the validity of Free Data Bonus?
Will the unused bonus be expired after 7 days validity?
Which Version should I download/update to see Shal Shake Version 2?
What can I get if I download MyTelenor?
Can I get free 50MB data after downloading new MyTelenor app?
My payment has failed. Why?
Payment was successful and the amount has been deducted from my card. But I haven’t received the top-up amount.
“Save the card for next time payment” option. What is this?
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