Free Subscription fee for myanflix with “Data Suboo”

With every purchase of Data Suboo packs, you will have access to 30 days of FREE biggest library of Myanmar Movies on myanflix app. Chill and watch Myanmar movies and series with Data Suboo at an affordable price.

No worry for your balance data with Better Data Suboo Plan

Grab a chance to add the leftover data from earlier data pack to the newly purchased pack! Kindly see the plans below to know the rate and data amount.



New Data SuBoo 700 MB


New Data SuBoo 1 GB


New Data SuBoo 565 MB


New Data SuBoo 1.5 GB


New Data SuBoo 2.5 GB


New Data SuBoo 4 GB


New Data SuBoo 6 GB


New Data SuBoo 15.5 GB

Validity - 30 Days

WHAT IS myanflix?

myanflix is a video on demand OTT service that is bringing local movies to the people of Myanmar. We believe in giving you the best experience with over 4000 movies. myanflix also ensure through the file sizes and video quality that it remains an affordable service for you. As a special introductory offer, we are offering all Telenor subscribers free watching of the movies. All you have to pay is the data charges as per your plan. Get the app on the Play store and watch the movies anytime, anywhere.

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Why should you use MyanFlix?

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The most affordable cost

MyanFlix is Free subscription on Telenor network. Myanflix give you best video quality at the most affordable cost. Our technology ensure the size of the movies the most compact.


Best viewing experience

For every movie, you can watch its stars and ratings. This makes your viewing easier.


Share on social network

You can share and rate each movie for your friends. Sharing is possible across all social networking apps.


Resumes Playback

In case you get busy while watching a movie, Myanflix allows you to resume exactly from where you left off.


Watch Movies Offline

You can download the movie and watch the movie for 7 days. You can watch the movies offline.


Collect Your Favourite Movies

You will also have your watchlist and favourites to collect your movies.

Download Myanflix

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is myanflix ?

Myanflix is a mobile application that can stream or download Myanmar movies on any mobile or wifi network across the world. Anyone can watch or download the free content, however you need a Telenor SIM with valid Data Subooto access the content.

What kind of movies can I watch on myanflix app?

You can watch a large variety of Myanmar movies at Myanflix mobile application.

What do I need to use Myanflix mobile application?

To use Myanflix app, you need an android smartphone with Telenor Data Suboo connection.

How can I watch Myanmar Movies from Myanflix Mobile app?

After downloading Myanflix app, you would need to register with your mobile number or FB account, After that you can enjoy movies via streaming or downloading.

Where can I get Myanflix app?

You can get from google play store by searching Myanflix (or) download via this link (ios version will be released soon)

Which version android do I need to use Myanflix mobile application?

To use Myanflix mobile application your phone android version needs to be 5.0 or above.

Can I use Myanflix app at overseas?

Yes, you can but you will need to be on Telenor Network with Data Suboo connection.

Do I need to buy or subscribe to watch movies in Myanflix app?

No, you don’t. For Telenor Data Suboo subscriber, you can watch any movies with Data connection

How to search actor (or) actress (or) movie in Myanflix mobile app?

To use Myan-English words, the abbreviation of the movie title, and full name of movies. For example, “Mhyu Moe Kay Tha Yee” movie ( “Mhyu Moe Kay Tha Yee” ) (“မမကသရ”) ("မြူမိုးကေသရီ”).

How can I change the language in Myanflix mobile app?

You can change the language in settings under the main menu.

After logout, my downloaded movies will be kept?

Our app will delete all of the data (movies) upon log out according to our policy.

How long can I save the movie after I downloaded it?

You can save the movie for 7 days.

How much do I pay to watch a movie?

As a special offer, watching movies on Myanflix has no subscription charges with Telenor Data Suboo. You only need to pay for your data charges as per your data plan.

How can I change video quality in Myanflix app?

You can switch video quality in the setting under the main menu.

How much storage needed to download a movie?

Your phone storage need to free at least 600 MB to download a movie.

How can I contact support?

You can contact support by reaching to this email:

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