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Get A Chance To Win Up To FREE 499 Mobile Legend Diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Mobile Legends + Facebook @500MB with Mobile Legends Diamonds Coupons ?

A Special promotion for Telenor Customers where they can enjoy both Mobile Legends and Facebook at the same time. Customers can also have chance to win up to 499 Mobile Legends Diamonds for purchasing at Telenor Website.

How much quota will be included and how much will cost of Mobile Legends + Facebook @500MB ?

Customers can use (250 MB Mobile Legends) + (250 MB Facebook) in total 500MB with only 499 Kyats.

What is the validity of this pack ?

Customer can use for 7 Calendar Days.

How many types of Mobile Legends Diamonds Coupons available as lucky draw ?

Customer can get a chance to win 499, 100, 50, 20, 10 Diamonds. And, there is also 0 Diamond Coupon.

How many times can I purchase Mobile Legends + Facebook Pack to get a chance for Mobile Legends Diamonds ?

Customer can purchase @500MB Mobile Legends + Facebook Pack as much as he wants and he can have a chance to win Mobile Legends Diamonds.

How can I receive Mobile Legends Diamonds Coupons ?

Customer has to purchase Mobile Legends + Facebook Pack on Telenor Website only.

Customer will receive the Coupon Code on the website after purchasing the pack.

Where do I exchange the received Code ?

Customer have to redeem the code at and get in-game Diamonds.

How long can I keep those coupons ?

Coupon valid for 6 months.

When is this promotion start and End Date ?

Promotion start from 6th March until further notice.

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