Mobile Data plan made
for Android Users!

The very first self-service solution in Myanmar exclusively made for android users. Get exciting offers from your Android Phone now!

The brand new feature for you

Purchase Data Kyo Thone, Data Suboo and check your balance easily from your android phone. Just remember to keep your android version 4.4 and above!


1. Android Setting

2. Google

3. Mobile Data Plan

4. Pack Purchase

5. Confirmation

Please follow the instructions above to use the MDP page.

Check the below video
to see how to get this feature for you

Terms and Conditions!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why the the MDP page is not showing up?

This is mainly because of dual-sim phone which Telenor sim is being on the second slot of the simcard placement. Should the Telenor simcard is being replaced on the slot 1, please restart the phone and wait for a couple of hours. However, please ensure to turn off the wifi for this testing just to get the network connectivity.

How do I access to this MDP page?

Simply go to your Android setting and follow the below flow: Setting >> Google >> Mobile Data Plan.

Can I check my balance on the MDP page?

Yes. The monetary and data balances will be shown on the MDP page on real-time.

Can I purchase Data Suboo Plan in MDP?

The answer is yes. Purchasing Data Suboo plan is definitely one of the feature which we allow through the MDP page.

How do I subscribe to Data Kyo Thone?

Data Kyo Thone plan will only be shown to the user when the user has equal to or less than 200kyats or/and 100MB balance.

Can I perform top up on the MDP page?

Not at the moment. We have not integrated any payment gateway with Google at the moment yet.

How come I cannot access to this MDP page?

You may using old version of Android (4.4 version and below) or You are not registered with Google Play account If you have done the above and you are still not been shown the MDP page, you will need to wait for Google to whitelist your account.

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