‘Hat Cha Laung – Be a Tha Htay Laung’ brings a lot of prizes including four Kia Picanto cars. Buy packages from any channel you like and get ‘lucky chances’ to win millions and billions valued prizes

You can use your ‘lucky chances’ in the three types of prizes as below.

Mega Grand Draw

KIA (Picanto)

After buying packages, you can go to ‘Mega Win’ in MyTelenor app and add your ‘lucky chances’ to Kia Picanto. The four winners will be announced at the end of the promotion.


Weekly Grand Draw

Honda (Scoopy)

Samsung 50"

Smart TV



After buying packages, you can go to ‘Mega Win’ in MyTelenor app and add your ‘lucky chances’ to Honda Scoopy, Smart TV and iPad. The winners will be announced every week till the end of promotion. (Every week – three motorbikes, one Smart TV and two iPads)

Daily Instant Win

Free MB/GB

Free SMS



Power Bank

After buying packages, you can go to ‘Instant Win’ in MyTelenor app and use your ‘lucky chances’ to play a game where you can win a lot of prizes instantly. (Daily prizes – Samsung Galaxy A20 phones, Remax Earphones, Remax Bluetooth Speaker, Remax Powerbank, KFC discount coupons, Mahar app coupon, free data and SMS).

How to participate?

This is the steps to participate in ‘Hat Cha Laung – Be a Tha Htay Laung’ in MyTelenor app.

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How to claim?

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  • KFC Discount Coupon will be received via SMS.
  • Then claim the coupon code at any KFC’s counter and enjoy the discount.

Let’s Download/Update MyTelenor App now not to miss your lucky chances.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Hat Cha Laung, Tha Htay Laung?

It is a new MyTelenor App (exclusive) campaign for Telenor Myanmar Prepaid customers. In this big lucky draw campaign where customers have chance to Win Telco and Non-Telco benefits from Instant win and can invest coupons to win mega draw.

How can I get lucky chance to play Hat Cha Laung?

First, customer need to purchase a pack from any Channels (App, wowbox, USSD, SMS and Eload…etc). Then customer need to open the MyTelenor app to get lucky chance to participate in campaign. Available lucky chance will be differ based on customer’s pack purchase amount as per below,

1 ~ 499 Ks                      1 lucky chance

500 ~ 999 Ks           2 lucky chance

1000 ~ 3000 Ks         3 lucky chance

>3000 Ks           5 lucky chance

Customers can check their earned lucky chance in MyTelenor App, within 48 hours after pack purchase from any channels. Unused lucky chances will be expired on the campaign end date.

How can I play Instant Win?

One lucky chance = one time throw of the dart. Dart can be thrown by swiping the screen.

How can I play Mega Win?

One lucky chance = one coupon. Users can invest coupons in either Mega Grand Draw or Weekly Grand Draw. Weekly grand draw winner list will be announced weekly and meg grand draw winner will be announced after campaign period.

What are the prizes for Instant Win ?
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 Handsets (redeem from shop . com)
  • Remax Earphones (redeem from shop . com)
  • Remax Bluetooth Speakers (redeem from shop . com)
  • Remax Power banks (redeem from shop . com)
  • KFC Discount Coupons (validity 7 days)
  • Mahar Coupons (validity 7 days)
  • Free Data (validity 3 days)
  • Free SMS (validity 3 days)
What are the prizes for Mega Win?
  • Mega Grand Draw = Kia Picanto
  • Weekly Grand Draw = Honda Scoopy motorbike, Smart TV, iPad
What is the Hat Cha Laung promotion period?

Campaign will start from 22nd Nov and will run for 70 days.

Where can I play Hat Cha Laung lucky draw?

Hat Cha Laung lucky draw will be available exclusively on MyTelenor App (version 3.11)

Where can I download MyTelenor App?

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