Spend up to 500Ks
Get up to 50GB

Spend up to 1500Ks
Get up to 200GB

Spend more than 1500Ks
Get up to 400GB

Make your own plan according to your own needs of Internet, Talk-Time, SMS, Validity with great savings and stand a chance to win up to 400 GB.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is flexi plan?

With Flexi Plan, you can make your own plan according to your own need of internet, talk-time, SMS and validity with great savings and stand a chance to win up to 400 GB.

Can customers buy only validity period?

Customers cannot buy validity only. You need to buy at least one of the items of Data/Minutes/SMS before they choose validity.

Can I send the gift to any number?

Gift option is only eligible for Telenor Prepaid customers.

For gift pack, how the money will be deducted?

Package amount will be deducted from sender's Mobile Number and benefit will send to "Gift to Mobile Number".

What is the Flexi Shal Shake bonus?
-Buy 500 Ks and lower packages, you have chance to WIN up to 50GB free data.
-Buy from 500 Ks to 1,500 Ks packages, you have chance to WIN up to 200GB free data.
-Buy 1001Ks and above packages, you have chance to WIN up to 400GB free data.
Will this bonus combine with DATA and Shal Shake Voice Packs ?

Flexi Shal Shake bonus will not combine with other bonus.

Who will get Shal Shake bonus on “Gift” option?

Sender will receive Shal Shake pop up and will receive Shal Shake bonus.

What is the validity of Free Data Bonus?

Validity of the bonus is 10 days.

Will unused bonus be expired after 10 days validity?

Yes, unused bonus will be expired after 10 days unless you purchase a new pack and win bonus to extend validity period.

Which Version should I download/update to use Flexi Plan?

You need to have MyTelenor App version 3.10.

What is “Packs for you”?

“Packs for you” is customized display of packs that users frequently purchase. Users can buy their favorite packs based with 1 click.

If package from “Packs for you” are same as any of the Shal Shake pack, will customer get the Shal Shake bonus?

Customers will not get Shal Shake bonus. Shal Shake bonus will be available only from Shal Shake Cards.

What is Telenor ID?

Telenor ID was rebranded from Connect ID. With a single Telenor ID you can easily access your apps and services.

Will there be any different when Login to MyTelenor App with Telenor ID ?

Login process will be the same.

1.Enter MSISDN
2.Verify with OTP
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