Telenor Brings You Disney!

Disney’s D.Magic portal is a mobile content platform with hundreds of different premium contents from Disney to download and enjoy. For the first time in Myanmar you can now get Disney games, apps, e-books and more content here. (Telenor Users Only)



  • More than 40 top ranking premium apps
  • Large variety of many Disney brands including Pixar, Frozen, Star Wars and Marvel
  • Full Android OS support


  • Over 100 e-Books to read
  • Extensive library of story books, comics and e-Books
  • Read along text and audio books of your favorite stories
  • Unique features that enrich education and learning experiences for young readers

Customer Journey

Please follow the below direction to register disney game

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this really a Disney portal?
Where can I access D.Magic by Disney?
What do I get on D.Magic?

D.Magic is a mobile content portal with hundreds of different premium contents to download and play. It offers the largest variety and diversity of brands and contents of any mobile portal in Myanmar. Just enter, browse through Editor's Picks, different brand sites like PIXAR or the different content categories and read more details about each content item to select what you like. Have fun!

How much is it?
Why should I join D.Magic?
Why do I not see games or apps on the portal?
I bought a game but have never received it on my phone?
Why can't I become a member of D.Magic?
Why do I have to enter my number on the Facebook page?
Why can I not open the game I downloaded?
What is a credit?
How to subscribe to the Disney portal?
How can I leave the Disney service?
How can I download games from Disney?
I get an error message when I want to access Disney at
How can I login to my Account?
How can I retrieve my Password?
Why I cannot subscribe the service again after one time deactivation?
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