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Telenor connects Myanmar to the rest of the world and proposes affordable price plans for all, with world class call quality. With Telenor International services, you can now make international calls to your friends, families and business partners.

International Services Pricing

SMS Pricing – 150 Ks per SMS and receiving is free of charge to ALL INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS

Voice Pricing

Countries, Codes and Rates for International Call & SMS

No Subscription needed - All Telenor sims have International Calls and SMS activated by default.

Should you wish to bar international services from your line, please call 979.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to pay for incoming international calls?

No, you don't need to , unless you are Roaming abroad.

How to call oversea home phones?

You need to dial [00] OR [+] [country code] [local area code without zero ] [local number]

How to call oversea mobiles phone?

You need to dial [00] OR [+] [country code] [mobile number without zero]

No one answer my call but reached to voice mail or answering machine , do I need to pay ?

Yes, you will need to pay for total duration of the call.

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