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Welcome from Astrology Zone!
Astrology shows the current of time. It shows where you most likely to end up, given your better starting point and current progress. Enjoy your Tarot Card reading and other interesting services will be shown in below. You can get your customized prediction from the famous astrologers of Myanmar.

Call to Sayar Min Thein Khaing ( Shwe Yang Htoo Lin )

Hotline Number - 7777

Everyday 6:00PM – 7:00PM

525Ks/ min (incld. Tax)

Wheel of Fortune

Enjoy your lucky number!
Spin and read what your lucky say about you.


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Terms and Conditions

  • All Telenor subscriber can enjoy the Astrology/Fortunetelling services: Hotline service, Freemium content reading through Telenor Myanmar Limited “TML” website and personalized/ customized prediction as a premium service.
  • For Hotline, customer need to call to define short code for starting the consultation with famous astrologers. And 525Ks per minute (Tax inclusive) will be deducted from their main account balance.
  • Customer can enjoy the free service as day born prediction, Tarot Card prediction and lucky daily number prediction through TML website.
  • For premium services, Customer need to fill up their Name, Date of Birth, Day Born, Gender, choose the preferred Astrologer and choose the preferred service model by themselves to get their customized prediction with their consent. All such personal information given by the user shall be safeguarded and handled by Telenor Myanmar Limited in accordance with maximum security standards and will share with the designated Fortuneteller only.
  • Customer need to confirm with their consent for the service charge to deduct from their main account balance for their selected/ preferred service. After the customer’s confirmation upon the confirmation button, the deduction will be happened.
  • We, TML, will keep and share those information to the customer’s preferred astrologer based on customer’s filled up information for fortunetelling purpose only.
  • Customer personalized/ customized prediction will be cleared in 20 Days after posting of prediction in the customer’s profile.
  • The User aware and acknowledges that he/she shall be solely responsible for self- provided personal profile and information, and Telenor Myanmar will not take any liability for quality of fortunetelling, loss or any physical or mental damages and injuries or illness that might be suffered by the User due to the pros and cons of fortunetelling and fortune predictions.
  • By purchasing this Service, the user agrees and acknowledges that all such personal data given by the himself/herself will be passed to User’s designated Astrologer for having their personalized/ customized prediction
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