Largest 4GLTE Network in Myanmar
Consistent internet experience.
No more rotating circle.

Say hello to the Real 4G/LTE from Telenor Myanmar. With the new 1800MHz spectrum, Telenor now offers 4G service with superior download speeds, smoother high-definition video streams, lag-free gaming. and consistent performance in peak hours.

What makes our 4G/LTE so good?

Largest 4G Network

Covers all top cities in Myanmar

Fast internet in Peak Hours

4G is 5 times faster in peak hours

Best for Video

Video starts in 3 seconds

Best for Facebook

Newsfeed loads in 2 seconds

The quoted speeds and buffering times are average and may vary.

4G Available Cities

Pyay Bago TaunGoo Myeik
Dawei NayPyiTaw MawLaMyne Hpa-An
Aung Lan Lashio MonYwa PaKokKu
SitTwe TaungDwinGyi ManDaLay -1 MuSe
Kentaung MyitKyiNa PyinOoLwin Yangon
WaingMaw KaLaw AungPan TaungGyi
NyaungShwe MyaWadDy Kale Tamu

Check if your device & SIM card are Telenor 4G/LTE compatible.

Dial *444# An SMS notification will be sent you upon submission.If your device is 4G enabled, but your SIM is not, visit the nearest Telenor shop, change to USIM. A list of the Telenor stores you can find here.

How to switch on 4G/LTE?

Setting/ Cellular/ Cellular Data options/ Voice and Data/ 4G

Settings/ Mobile networks/Network mode/ LTE/3G/2G auto connect

Settings/More/Mobile networks/Network mode/LTE (preferred/WCDMA/GSM)

Settings/ Mobile Network/ Network mode/4G (pref)/3G/2G

Settings/Mobile Networks/Preferred Network Type/SIM1 Preferred Network/ 4G/3G/2G/Auto

Settings/More/ Enable 4G

Settings/ SIM Cars&Mobile Networks/Telenor/Preferred network type/ Prefer LTE

Any other Android device: Settings/ Connections/ More Networks / Mobile Networks / Network Mode/ Select LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)

Enjoy 4G/LTE at super affordable prices

Use 4G/LTE without worrying for your bill. Data Suboo packs are not restricted to any application or website and you can use your MBs in any way you want.
There are 5 different Data SuBoo pack offers. The validity of the pack is 30 days. The remaining unused pack balance will be added to the next purchase if you buy within 7 days after the pack expiry.

All you need to know about 4G

Watch the video below.

What is difference between 3G and 4G?

Launching of Telenor 4G in Yangon

Does 4G make your bill deplete faster?

How to switch to 4G?

What is the reason for outages?

Frequently Asked Questions
What is 4G? Is there a difference between LTE and 4G?

No. LTE and 4G are essentially the same format of mobile data and it is the best commercially available data standard in Myanmar. Specifically, 4G LTEmeans “fourth-generation long term evolution,” withLTEbeing a type of4Gthat delivers the fastest connection for a mobile internet experience – up to 10 timesfaster than3G.

How fast is 4G? What is the difference to 3G Service?

4G technology is designed especially for data transmission and it offers up to 10 times faster access to data via your mobile phone with speeds commonly between 20Mbps and 50Mbps (which is really, really fast). One of the most important advantages of 4G over 3G in Myanmar is that in peak hours 4G service works up to 5 times faster than 3G, without any slowdown or interruption in user experience. You can feel difference in speed between 4G and 3G when you are watching or downloading videos, watching live TV or playing :multiplayer online games, like Clash of Clans and Mobile Legends

4G consumes bill faster, why is that? Can I do something about it?

The consumption of the data is same in 3G and 4G. The only difference will be the time. A regular movie of about 800 MB (not HD quality) will download in less than 3 min when connected to 4G while in 3G it will take about 15 to 20 min. 4G takesless time to download anytype of content (videos, pictures) on any application (Facebook, Youtube, Viber), customers you may think that it depletes your balance faster, but actually it is not. You just need to learn how to manage your data usage. Here are some tips that will help you do that: 
•Format of videos :Youtube, Facebook and other content providers may render videos in HD format, which makes the size of the video larger. Makesure, that whenever you stream or download video you check there solution.
• App update settings: some apps interact at regular intervals with their servers to look for updates and notifications, location services, further increasing the amount of data being used. Check your Background App Refresh settings for IPhone and Settings/ Auto update app settings for Android.
•Hotspot: Put a long password to your hotspot and change it often. We would advise you to switch your hotspot before going to bed. 
•Data packs: If you use 4G, we strongly recommend you to buy one of our data packs. They will give you more MBs for a much better price and you will be able to control your balance. 
•MyTelenor App: Install MyTelenor App, where you can easily buy packs and monitor how much MBs you have left in your data pack-

Can I make voice calls/ video calls on 4G?

When you are connected to 4G network, voice calls will still be made on 3G network. However you don’t need to switch between networks, your device will do this automatically. 

You can make video calls on 4G via Viber, Whatsapp, FB Messenger or any other app with similar functionality. Please, have in mind that video calls consume MBs (data), not minutes.

Where is 4G/LTE available in Myanmar?

4G/LTE from Telenor is available in the cities listed here,

Check our page regularly, because we will continue to expand our 4G/LTE network. 
If you want to know the 4G coverage and signal strength for a specific township or even address in these cities – search for the location in the interactive coverage map .

How can I tell if I am connected to 4G?

If your device shows 4G or LTE sign, it means you are using 4G services.

What do I need to do in order to use 4G services?

In order to use 4G services from Telenor you need: 
Coverage: be in a city, where we offer 4G service. Currently Telenor has the widest and growing 4G network across Myanmar. The list of cities with available 4G service you can check here or at the beginning of this page. 4G enabled device and SIM card:call *444# to check whether your SIM card and device are 4G enabled. If your SIM card is not 4G ready, visit the nearest branded Telenor store and get your new 4G SIM free of charge.
SIM card slot:Telenor SIM card should be in Slot 1, if you are using a dual-SIM telephone. Switch your device to 4G settings: see how for most used brands on this page.

What types of devices Support 4G LTE?

Most new phones are 4G-ready, except for some of the cheapest models. When you buy your device, ask the shop assistant if it is 4G ready.

I have 4G device and SIM, there is 4G in my city but my phone is still showing 3G?

Below are a few possible reasons:

  • If your phone and SIM card are 4G capable, try restarting your device.
  • Check the version of your phone’s operating system. For most devices you need the latest version in order to use 4G services.
  • If the 4G signal is weak (you are in a big building or very far from a 4G cell), the network will automatically route you to 3G, where you will experience a better service for you current location.
  • If you are making a voice call, your device will automatically switch to 3G network, as voice calls cannot be made via 4G network.
Do I need to change my device settings if I move into an area with no 4G LTE coverage?

No, your device will automatically switch to 3G, if available or 2G. Once you are back to an area with available 4G LTE service, your device will automatically connect to it.

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