Super htaw

Super Htaw is a special product for all Prepaid Telenor Customers which let them to increase their main balance to 6 times with the validity of up to 60 days!

more benefits uniquely made for
prepaid customers.



1,000 Ks

6,000 Ks


Telenor to Telenor

210 Mins

1050 MB

400 SMS

Telenor to Telenor

15 Days

2,000 Ks

12,000 Ks


Telenor To Telenor

420 Mins

2110 MB

800 SMS

Telenor to Telenor

30 Days

5,000 Ks

30,000 Ks


Telenor To Telenor

1050 Mins

5290 MB

2000 SMS

Telenor to Telenor

60 Days


Terms and Conditions

  • All Telenor Prepaid customers can enjoy Super Htaw – 6 times benefits
  • Customers have to dial *606# to choose the amount of balance they want to multiply 6 times
  • “Super Htaw” can be used for Onnet Voice, Onnet SMS, and data with discounted rates.
  • “Super Htaw” benefits can’t be transferred to others.
  • “Super Htaw” balance can’t be used to subscribe other packs or for any other purchase other than benefits in above table
  • “Super Htaw” can’t be carried forward but benefits will be stacked with the best validity upon the last subscription
  • Customers who have subscribed to 5-25 can’t opt-in and are required to unsubscribe from 5-25 by dialing *5250#
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I subscribe Super Htaw products?

Customers can subscribe to Super Htaw products – 6 times benefits by dialing *606#.

Can I purchase Super Htaw multiple times ?

Customers can purchase Super Htaw multiple times.

What is the validity of Super Htaw ?

Validity of Super Htaw is depend on purchased pack. Minimum is 15 days  Maximum up to 60 days.

Offer Bonus Bonus Validity
1,000 Ks 6,000 Ks 15 Days
2,000 Ks 12,000 Ks 30 Days
5,000 Ks 30,000 Ks 60 Days

“Super Htaw” can’t be carried forward but benefits will be stacked with best validity upon the last subscription

What is Super Htaw ?

Super Htaw is a special product for All Prepaid Telenor Customers, as they can convert their main balance to 6 Times Benefits with different rates.

For which services can I use for Super Htaw ?

Customers can use for on net Voice, on net SMS and data.

How can I check Super Htaw Bonus balance?

Customers can dial *124*1# to check their Super Htaw Bonus balance.

When does the promotion start and end?

From 13th November, 2018 until further notice

What will happen to my rate when Super Htaw balance is over ?

If Super Htaw balance is over,

  • Should subscribe Super Htaw again (via *606#) to enjoy 6 times bonus with the discounted tariff
  • During the validity period, charging will be applied with normal price plan in the next day morning after balance is used up and for the remaining hours of that day, charging will be continued with Super Htaw tariff plan.
What are the charging rates of Super Htaw?
Telenor to Telenor Call 28.57 Ks/Min
Internet 5.71 Ks/MB
Telenor to Telenor SMS 15 Ks/SMS
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