Shal Suboo Share

Telenor is introducing the Shal Suboo Share service where the shal suboo customers can transfer data balance to their friends and family. This is the similar product like balance transfer where the Telenor customer can request to another Telenor customer.

*121* <amount> * <mobile number> #

USSD *979*4*6#

50 Ks
(inclusive of tax per Transaction)
5 Transaction per daily

Terms and Conditions

  • Only available for Prepaid Customers.
  • Service charges of 50 Ks (inclusive of tax) per transaction.
  • Up to 500 MB per each transition.
  • The customer is not allowed not to transfer more than 5 times per day.
  • The transferor shall have enough data balance to transfer.
  • The transferor shall have enough service charges amount in the main balance.
  • The transferee shall be able to accept with or without shal suboo in the account.
  • If Transferee has shal suboo, the validity will be extended to the best validity and the benefit shall be combined. 
  • If Transferee does not have shal suboo, the validity will be (7) days with the carry forward features just like the normal shal suboo buyers.
  • The data can be transferred regardless of the shal suboo’s validity. It does not matter either active or carries forward state.
  • The charging priority shall be the same as the shal suboo charging priority.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Shal Suboo Share?

The Shal suboo share is the new features introduced by Telenor Myanmar. The customer with the shal suboo account can transfer their balance to another Telenor’s customer instantly.

Is there any charges for the shal suboo share service?

The transferor (A party) will be charged 50 Ks per transaction (inclusive tax) of every transaction. The customer should have enough service fee in the main balance.

Is there any limitation?

The transferor can transfer up to 500 MB per transaction.

Is there any charges for the transferee (B party)?

No. There is no additional charges to the transferee.

How do I know whether the transaction is successfully or not?

The transferor will receive the following messages after successfully transferred.
“You have successfully transferred xxx MB to <mobile number="">. The transaction fee is 50 Kyats (tax incl.). “

How do I check the receiving shal suboo’s balance?

Dial *124*1# or MyTelenorApp.

My friend transferred me 300 MB. How do I know I received the shal suboo share amount from my friend?

You will receive the following messages.

“You have received shal suboo xxx MB from <mobile number=""> . To check shal suboo balance, dial *124*1# ”

How to transfer via direct dialing code?
Dial *121**# Example: *121*300*09791xxxxxx#
How to transfer via 979 USSD Menu?

Dial *979*4*6# (Follow the customer journey)

Can I transfer the expired shal suboo balance?

Yes. You can transfer the balance even in the expiry state. However, you need to have enough data balance to do the transaction.

I have the shal suboo balance but I have less than 50 Ks in my main balance. Can I make the transaction?

No. You need to have minimum 50 Ks in the main balance.

My friend does not have the shal suboo balance. Can I make the shal suboo share?

Yes. You can. Your friend will receive the transfer balance with 7 days validity.

What is the validity of the transfer balance if the transferee have the shal suboo in the account?

The benefit will be combined and the best validity will be applied. (From 7 days up to 30 days).

Example: Your existing DS balance 100 MB with 10 days validity left
Received DS present 300 MB (7 days validity)
Total balance: 400 MB with – Validity 10 days

If the current shal suboo is expired, what will be the validity of the transfer balance?

The benefit will be combined and can use for 7 days.

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