Weekly 8100 Seconds With Per Second Charging

All prepaid customers can subscribe Weekly 8100 Sec ( 135 Min ) @ 649 Ks ( tax incl; )

Dial *8100# to buy the weekly pack.

Telenor to Telenor 8100 Second


Customer can save up to 20% of the bill by using one second charging


7 days ( Validity )

Multiple subscription is allowed and not auto-renewal.

Sate Kyite Pyaw

Dial *979*2*1*5# and enjoy new voice packs with the most affordable rates to talk telenor to telenor. Telenor Myanmar introduced new price points as voice packs. Telenor now brings the value for money new voice packs to all of our subscribers. Customer can buy this product through USSD or through e-load.

10 mins

99 Ks


1 Day

50 mins

400 Ks


7 Days

110 mins

549 Ks


7 Days

100 mins

800 Ks


7 Days

125 mins

1,000 Ks


30 Days

150 mins

1,200 Ks


30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions
Talk 1s, Pay 1s Voice Offer
What is “Weekly 8100 Sec”?

Special offer for all Prepaid customers and customers will receive Telenor to Telenor 8100 Seconds (135 Mins) voice balance for 7 days with per second charging upon subscription.

What are the benefits of “Weekly 8100 Sec”?

Customers will receive Telenor to Telenor 8100 seconds (135 minutes) with per second charging for 7 days which can save up to 20% of the balance than normal charging.

Who are eligible for “Weekly 8100 Sec”?

All prepaid customers are eligible.

How to get/subscribe “Weekly 8100 Sec” offer?

Available in USSD *8100# ,*555*5#, My Telenor App, Web (Shop), It can also be subscribed from nearest agents via POS App, E-load.

How to check the balance of “Weekly 8100 Sec” offer?

Dial *124*1# to check the balance.

How many time a customer can purchase “Weekly 8100 Sec” offer?

Multiple subscriptions are allowed.

If customer have another voice pack, what will happen?

The balance will be deducted from shortest validity offer.

Why voice customer should use 4G VoLTE service?

Customer can experience the best quality voice service with 4G VoLTE network and get more advantages compared to other existing voice call networks.

How customer can enable 4G VoLTE service?

Customer can dial *979*5*8# with free of charge to enjoy the best quality 4G VoLTE services if the handset has 4G VoLTE capability.

How customer can check 4G VoLTE capable handset ?

Please visit to for available device list and more detail.

Sate Kyite Pyaw
Is this offer available on Paper vouchers?

No, please refer to the above table, this offers are only available in e-laod and USSD.

I have 3 days validity left, now if I recharge with 1200 how much validity I will get?
I have 20 mins left and if I subscribe again, will my 20 mins will go off or it will be added?
Is this offer auto subscription?
What is the billing pulse of this pack?
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