Are you telenor prepaid user? Recharge now via E-load and get different bonuses today.

Power Load is an opportunity for all telenor prepaid customers to get various e-load bonuses and pack offers.

Customers are required to recharge exact amount of their target recharge value to get two different E-Load bonus benefits. Dial *555# and check how much do you need to recharge to enjoy your entitled bonuses & offers!

Dial *555#

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Power Load?

Power Load is an option for the POS to make E-Load recharges and to make sale/subscription of designated Data or Voice Packs for customers.

Through *555#, both POS and Customer can view the same menu which contains offers that are especially designed for that customer. These offers are a combination of 2 different E-Load Bonus offers and 3 different Pack offers (Data or Voice).

What will customer see when he dials *555#?

After dialing *555#, customer will get the USSD pop-up menu which may show similar to the below options. For example –

1. DataSuboo 565MB @ 899 Ks

2. E-load 5,000 Ks for 50% Bonus

3. Data Su Boo 820MB @ 1,299 Ks

4. E-load 10,000 Ks for 60% Bonus

5. Onnet 50Mins 7days @ 400 Ks

N.B. All of the above examples can be vary due to the customer usage or top-up behaviors. However, the positions of these options will keep the same as above example for every customer until further notice. Options 1, 3, 5 will be pack offers AND options 2, 4 will be E-Load bonus offers. Customers can also dial *555# or *979*33# to obtain information about their target amount to recharge OR subscribe voice/data packs targeted based on their usage behavior; same as above example.

How the customer and POS will know about the target amount for E- Load Bonus?

In *555# menu, after POS input customer phone number – offers will be displayed. The customer can also check on *555# about the target amount for ETT simultaneously. Customers can also dial *555# or *979*33# to obtain information about their target amount to recharge.

How many times customer can get the E-Load Bonuses from Power Load?

Customer can avail Power Load E-load bonus multiple times. If Customer do 50% ETT multiple, the bonus from multiple subscriptions will be stacked and the validity will be 3 days from the last recharge. Also same for 60%. If Customer do 60% ETT multiple, the bonus from multiple subscriptions will be stacked and the validity will be 3 days from the last recharge. Note: Bonus of 50% and 60% will not combine.

Will post-paid customers be able to top-up and get the Bonus?

This Power-Load Program is for Prepaid Customers only. Postpaid customers are not eligible for this offer.

Which customers are eligible for this campaign? Why am I seeing different options than other users?

This campaign is available for all prepaid customers. However, each customer will have different target recharge value and different targeted packs (voice or data). (This depends on their previous top-up/recharge/usage history, thus smooth communication for this question is highly recommended.)

If customer top-up magic recharge amount 6000 Ks from E-Load, can he/she get the Power Load bonus from it?

Power Load 2.0 Bonuses are only eligible for Customer when POS do recharge from *555# with ETT 50 % or 60% based on customer’s target amount.

What will happen if the customer requested to top-up 2 different ETT shown on *555#?

Two different bonuses are eligible for the customer; one is for 50% ETT Bonus and another one is for 60% ETT Bonus. If the customer recharge both with different target recharge amount through Power Load, customer will receive the bonus in different account, however, the bonus validity will be 3 days from recharge day.

If the customer recharges 5,000 Ks from Yangon 4 POS and the target amount for 60% Power Load Bonus for this customer is also 5,000 Ks . What will happen?

Customer 60% ETT bonus is 5,000 Ks and if POS do recharge through Power Load (*555#), customer will received 60% bonus. Also customer 60% ETT bonus is 5000 Ks but POS do recharge through Eload (DSTK or else) from Yangon POS – customer will receive only 50% as customer is recharged which is currently running 50% ETT bonus.

Can the customer use the ETT Bonus for all services?

Received extra bonus can be used for PayAsYouGo any local voice calls, SMS and PayAsYouGo Data with validity for 3 days. Customer can do multiple recharges. Bonus will be stacked for same bonus for multiple times and will hold ONLY 3 days from Recharge Date. Note: Bonus of 50% and 60% will not combine.

When does the promotion start and end?

This promotion from POS end will start on 1st August 2018 (Friday) to next 90 days (until further notice).

What is the validity of E-Load – 50% or 60% Bonus?

Validity of bonus is 3 days.

If I have some credit from availing Kyo Thone before I make a top-up, which account will get deducted when I make a call?

Usage will be deducted from the ETT Bonus first, and then the rest of the usage will be deducted from Kyo Thone.

If the customer has voice pack or data packs, compare with ETT 50%, which will be deducted first?

As bonus benefits from ETT 50% or 60% is monetary value the usage for data and voice will be deducted from the packs first and then it will be deducted from the monetary value.

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