Are you Telenor prepaid user? Subscribe the best offers now via Power Load.

Power load (*555#) menu is now updated with Data Suboo for unlimited carry forward, Super Htaw and best voice offer with per second charging.

Best offers are:

  1. 999Ks-1000MB-30D
  2. 1000Ks-6000Ks-15D
  3. 2499Ks-2.5GB-30D
  4. 2000Ks-12000Ks-30D
  5. 649Ks-8100Sec-7D
  6. 3999Ks-4GB-30D

Dial *555#

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the update in new Power Load Menu ?

Power Load Menu is updated with Data Suboo packs for unlimited carry forward, Super Htaw to increase 6 time phone balance and cheapest voice offer with 1 second charging .

What will customer see when he dials *555#?

After dialing *555#, customer will get the USSD pop-up menu as followed:







What is Super Htaw in New Menu?


If customers purchase 1000Ks Super Htaw, they will receive Super Htaw benefit 6,000Ks with 15 Days validity.


If customers purchase 2000Ks Super Htaw, they will receive Super Htaw benefit 12,000Ks with 30 Days Validity.

What are the benefit of cheapest voice offer?

Customer will get Telenor to Telenor 8100 Second with per second charging. Talke 1 sec and pay for 1 sec only, hence 20 % of balance can be saved.

When will the new menu to be update ?

Menu will be updated with new offers accordingly

Will post-paid customers be able to top-up and get the Bonus?

Power-Load offers are applicable for Prepaid Customers only. Postpaid customers are not eligible for this offer.

What will POS see when he dials *555#?

After dialing *555# POS will get the USSD pop-up menu which asks to input the customer MSISDN number. After this step, the POS can see the below options for example –

1. 999Ks-1000MB-30D (x% Comm)

2.1000Ks-6000Ks-15D (x% Comm)

3.2499Ks-2.5GB-30D (x% Comm)

4.2000Ks-12000Ks-30D (x% Comm)

5. 649Ks-8100Sec-7D (x% Comm)

6.3999Ks-4GB-30D (x% Comm)

9.Standard Top-up

(Note: Until further notice; above options may be on different pages in actual USSD pop-up menu even though there will only be 6 offers for now. This is due to character limits on USSD pop-up menu and based on the mobile device. There will be “# Next” option to choose to go to the next page to see the remaining options. )
The main differences from POS-view and Customer-view is that POS can see the commission for each option AND one more option (option number 9). This No.9 option is for normal standard top-up which can be used for other E-Load Top-up amounts. There will be no commission if POS choose this option no. 9.
N.B. All of the above stated offer can be varied depending on the usage, top up behavior of the customer individually in future. However, the positions of these options will keep the same as above  currently for every customer until further notice. Options 1, 3, 5 will be pack offers AND options 2, 4 will be Super Htaw offers AND options 9 will be standard E-Load top-up.

What are the commissions POS will get if they sell Power Load offer?

Respective commission % for each offer can be observed in the menu

Eg. 999Ks-1,000MB-30D (5% Comm)

POS will received 5% of offer price as pack commission  if they sell prior mentioned pack


Option No. 9 is for normal standard top-up option which can be used to recharge other E-Load Top-up amounts which is not part of Power Load benefits, thus, there will be no commission if POS choose this option no. 9.

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