Mother's Day Special Pack

Dial *222*1#


5ks /min

Telenor To Telenor



Telenor To Telenor SMS


99ks /day*

Subscription fee

telenor_myanmar_may_may telenor_myanmar_may_may

1 Kyat

per MB

"Sate Kyite Kyi" is a plan for you to enjoy videos via Myanmar's popular video apps with no additional content fees at the best data charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I subscribe to the Mother’s Day Special Pack?

Mother's Day Pack can be subscribed by dialling *222*1* #

How much will be subscription fees and is it daily renew ?

Subscription fees will be 99 Kyats per day and it is auto renewal daily.

Who need to give subscription fees for Mother’s Day Pack?

Only need to give from primary initiator.

What are the benefits of Mother’s Day Pack?

Enjoy UNLIMITED voice calls at 5 Kyats/Min and UNLIMITED FREE SMS with your love one.

Can I link to multiple numbers at one time?

No, You can link only one number once.

Can both prepaid and postpaid customers subscribe to the Mother’s Day Pack?

No, only prepaid customers can subscribe to the Mother's Day Pack.

How can I know my linked number?

Dial *222*2#.

How can I change to the new number?

To add new number, un-subscribe first by dialing *222*3# and subscribe again dialing *222*1*<097xxxxxxxx>#.

How can I un-subscribe the Mother’s Day Special Pack?

To Unsubscribe the pack, dial *222*3#. (Only primary initiator will be able to unsubscribe the pack)

If I call to my linked number, can other party also cost 5 Kyats/Min ?

Yes, other side party will also cost 5 Kyats/Min.

If I call to other number which is not my linked number, same cost as 5 Kyats/Min ?

No. If you call to other numbers, dialing will cost based on your plan rate.

If I don’t have enough balance to renew Mother’s Day Pack, what will happen?

If I do not enough balance, the link will be disconnected to each other number.

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