Everyday FB Bonus

Recharge with Denomination 1500 MMK on E-load or mobile banking and receive the following benefits :

  • 1500 MMK Main Balance Account account
  • 200 MB Data for FB only, valid for 3 days

1500 MMK

Access Channels
E-load (or) Banking
Product Details
90 days from date of launch.

Product Details

  • New DA account to be created for 200 MB FB Data
  • Charging priority is based on validity of DA account.


  • 200 MB FB with 3 Day Val Vs 1 Day FB Pack (TOP PRIORITY)
  • 200 MB FB with 3 Day Val Vs 7 Day FB Pack (TOP PRIORITY)
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this product available for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customer?

This Product is meant only for Telenor Prepaid customer.

What is the channel commission?

Channel commission will be same as existing topup denomination.

What happen if the customer recharge again within 3 days?

In case customer does the next recharge within 3 days and still having FB Data left in the account, data balance should get clubbed and validity will be extended to 3 days from date of recharge.

Is E-Load Benefit applicable on this Top Up.

E-load Wednesday benefit applies on this denomination. So customer recharging with this denomination should get 10% bonus as per E-load Wednesday rule.

What will happen if customer does any other data usage other then FB?

Incase customer have data usage other then FB, deduction will happen either from main balance @ PAYGO or in case customer have any other Data balance  other then FB data balance deduction will happen from there.

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