Buy new SIM and top up 997 Ks via eload to enjoy bonus.

  • For first time recharge of 997 Ks, customer will get 1GB FREE data with validity for 60 days.
  • MyTune* subscription FREE : 30days

Important Points

  • 1GB Free is on 1st recharge of 997 Ks only.
  • Cash back Data is available for multiple times recharge of 997 Ks.
  • Customer can avail 1GB Free or 1,000 Ks balance free Data till 90 days from 1st voice call date.
  • My Tune subscription is free for 30 days. After 30 days customer will have to subscribe to continue. 1st song will the Telenor signature tune, subsequent song download is chargeable.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the offer?

This offer is for any new customer who join Telenor network on or after the launch date are eligible for the offer.

Benefit 1.A: If customer recharge with 997 Ks after the First voice call date, customer will get full balance 997 Ks (main account) + 1 GB [15 days validity]. This benefit is on first time recharge and only one time.

Benefit 1.B: Customer can recharge 2nd time onwards with 997 Ks and he will get  997 Ks balance in the main account + 100% cash back for data usage [ 3 days validity]. This benefit is for multiple times.

Benefit 1.a and 1.b customer can avail within 90 days from first call date.

Benefit 2   : My tune subscription free for 1st 30 days from 1st call date. Customer will also get 1 month Telenor signature tune free of charge. My tune will get activated within 2 working days from 1st call date.

I have taken Telenor SIM on 3rd Dec 2017. Am I eligible for the offer?

Dear Customers, this new offer is only for customer who take Telenor sim on or after the launch date. However we have very attractive offer for existing customer also. Please log on to our website to see details.

I don’t want MyTune, how can I deactivate it?

You can send SMS: MT OFF to 333 to unsubscribe the service and also call to My TUNE IVR 333 to deactivate MyTune.

Will I be charged if I download any song?

We have given Telenor tune free, if you download any song you will be charged.

I want to continue MY TUNE what shall I do?

Dear Customer, you can call 333 and request for weekly subscription.

Can I use Pay as you go call if I recharge with 997 Ks?

No, additional benefit of 997 Ks is for or data, you can’t use it for calling or SMS.

I have recharge with 997 Ks, why I have not got 1GB free?

Dear Customers, as I can see you have already recharge with 997 Ks. Our 1 GB free offer is only for first time. However you can no recharge with 997 Ks and you will get 100% cash back for data usage.

I have recharged with 997 Ks, why I have not got 1,000 Ks free?

Dear Customer, as I can see in my system, 100% cash back, i.e. 1,000 Ks balance for data usages for 90 days from activation date, you have already crossed 90 days.

Can I do balance transfer?

Currently you can’t do balance transfer if you have done 997 Ks recharge for the 1st time. You have to use this balance.

I have recharge with 977 Ks, and I got 1GB for, why my main balance is deducting so fast?

Dear Customer, as I can see your 1GB balance ahs 15 days validity and its over now, since you don’t have any data balance, your main account balance is getting deducted. I suggest you can buy any data pack to use internet. Kindly log on to My Telenor to know more.

I have recharged with 3,000 Ks, can I now recharge with 997 Ks?

Yes as I can see you are eligible for the 1 GB offer(check 1st call date from CRM), if you now recharge with 997 Ks you will get 1GB for 15 days validity

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