Continuous Celebration

Telenor Myanmar introduces a new set of products and services to help keep celebrations going safely during Myanmar’s festive season.

Telenor 4.5G, Myanmar’s best data network is delighted to bring you continuous joy with our newest game “Awwbar Nyan Nyan” so you can still enjoy fun-filled times safely with your loved ones! Play this game by tilting your phone left and right to reach higher levels and win bigger prizes like 1000GB data, unlimited Facebook night pack, unlimited MLBB pack, voice and SMS packs! Download or update MyTelenor App to start playing Awwbar Nyan Nyan today together with your loved ones. What’s more, you can share your data prizes with loved ones through the “Awwbar Ma Sae Data Share” feature, so that you can keep the celebrations going!

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*Terms & conditions apply
Please check All Bar Nyan Nyan FAQs here

Speed+ is a must-have for the die hard gamers, and movie fans who get mesmerized watching movies in 8K. Telenor’s Speed+ will give you upto 50% more speed, so fast you will be blown away. This very exclusive offer is valid for our Star members completely FREE! You will get upto 50% more speed for 2 hours, limited to once a day. If you’re feeling FOMO about not being a Star member yet, recharge and buy more packs to qualify.

Subscribe via Dial *404# (or) in MyTelenor App

*Terms & conditions apply
Please check FAQs here

There’s nothing more important than to stay connected with loved ones, which is why Telenor Myanmar’s best data network, now with 4.5G is proud to introduce “Arr Ya Par Ya” pack. For just 888kyats you can get 2 days unlimited internet surfing and non-stop Telenor to Telenor talk time. Usage is capped at 3GB a day but you can still continue to surf as much as you want with 1Mbps. What are you waiting for? Dial *808# or head to MyTelenor app now! Surf more and talk more to other Telenor numbers with Arr Ya Par Ya Pack and stay connected to loved ones to keep celebrating.

Arr Ya Parr Ya Pack

888 Ks

Includ. Tax


All Day Calls (onnet)
All day Data usage (with FUP 3GB daily)

1Mbps on after Daily 3GB FUP Data used up


2 Days

“Sone Lin Taut Pa 5-in-1 pack” is modern, fresh and fun! For 30 days you’ll get a lovely mix of offers: 2GB data, free data for unlimited Facebook and TikTok scrolling from 11pm to 7am, free data for JOOX so you can groove to music all day long as well as tips on beauty and fashion via SMS. To sign up, dial *511# or head to MyTelenor app. It’s only 1499 kyats for 30 days.

Sone Lin Taut Pa Pack

1499 Ks

Includ. Tax


2 GB


  • Unlimited Free Facebook Night
  • Unlimited Free TikTok Night
  • Free Beauty & Fashion VAS SMS
  • Unlimited all day Free Data Usage for JOOX


30 Days

Not on MyTelenor app yet? Download now!

The brand new MyTelenor app 3.19 can be downloaded easily from both App Store or Google Play Store or just by scanning the following QR code.


Scan QR code here:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Aww Bar Nyan Nyan
What is the Aww Bar Nyan Nyan?
How can I get lucky chance to participate ?
How can I play the game and Win instant prizes?
What are the prizes of Aww Bar Nyan Nyan game ?
What is the prize given for different level of game?
Will my bonus validity be extended if I win bonus again before validity?
What will happen if I win FB night pack from Aww Bar Nyan Nyan and I already have other existing FB packs?
What is the Awwbar Ma Se’ Data Share ?
Who can share Awwbar Ma Se’ Data Share to others?
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How much data I can share in Awwbar Ma Se’ Data Share?
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Will my Awwbar Ma Se’ Data Share bonus validity be extended if I got bonus again from other people?
What is the promotion period for Aww Bar Nyan Nyan?
Where can I play Aww Bar Nyan Nyan?
Where can I download MyTelenor App?
Arr Ya Parr Ya Pack
What is Telenor “Arr Ya Parr Ya” pack ?

All day no charging on any internet usage and calls to other Telenor numbers for 2 days

What is the validity of package?
Can I subscribe multiple times?
How to subscribe the “Arr Ya Parr Ya” pack?
How to check my validity of the pack ?
What is the speed of data usage?
What is the data charging after the daily 3GB usage?
What is daily call usage to Telenor number?
What is Telenor Speed+ service?
Who are the eligible customers?
How much for the activation service fee?
What is the validity of package?
Can I subscribe multiple times?
How to subscribe the Speed+ service?
How to check my validity of the pack ?
What will happen the data speed?
Sone Lin Taut Pa Pack
What is Sone Lin Taut Pa Pack?
What is the validity of the pack?
How to subscribe Sone Lin Taut Pa pack?
Can I subscribe multiple times?
How can I check balance?
If I have other bonus data balance and Sone Lin Taut Pa Pack, how will it deduct first?
How can I unsubscribe VAS SMS services from this pack?
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