To ensure better connectivity and improve quality of services, Telenor Myanmar Customer Service team is reaching out to the customers by using the outbound calling number of 09750097500. Click here

To ensure better connectivity and improve quality of services, Telenor Myanmar Customer Service team is reaching out to the customers by using the outbound calling number of 09750097500. Click here

To ensure better connectivity and improve quality of services, Telenor Myanmar Customer Service team is reaching out to the customers by using the outbound calling number of 09750097500. Click here


Today in hyper connected world every device and every business is open to cyber security attacks. Make yours much harder to target with Telenor Business Web Shield solution.



Telenor Business Web Shield is a cloud-based internet security solution for business customers of all sizes – SMB through Enterprise. It is a powerful yet simple security solution that helps to protect customers from costly malware, phishing and botnets attacks without requiring additional software installations. While using this service, cyber security threats are being blocked even before a connection is established to malicious web sites using Domain Name System or DNS security technology.

Web Shield service can be activated with Telenor business Mobile Service.


Everything on the internet uses a system called “DNS” or “Domain Name System” for navigation. When you want to go to a website, your browser or device asks the DNS where to find it. Telenor Business Web Shield service analyses DNS data to deliver real-time, effective and accurate threat intelligence protection. Our advanced security threat intelligence database is updated almost real time and give full time protection.

Firewall and anti-virus software may block some threats but security threats like Malware, Phishing and Botnets are always changing and Web Shield provide an added layer of security to stop evolving threats.



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Seamless experience

Zero touch configuration for end user device

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Secure internet browsing

Cyber security with uncompromised user experience

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Data privacy

Align with end user data privacy guidelines

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Economical security service


Telenor uses most advanced threat intelligence platform tuned to manage the balance between threat coverage and false positives. While Telenor business is ensuring the most reliable and secured internet experience to our customers, there can be instances where Web Shield service may block your legitimate site. These situations are called False positives. Moreover, in highly dynamic and evolving security space, Telenor Web Shield solution will not 100% mitigate malware, phishing and botnets attacks but significantly reduce the risk exposure.

If you believe your web site is being blocked by Web Shield solution, please call on 8080(Telenor number) or +959780008080 and email on

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Shield service will be activated by Telenor business backend support team. Please contact your respective Account Manager or Channel Partner.

No. User does not need to install any software. Web shield service will be activated on the SIM card.

Once you subscribed to Web Shield service, you will receive a SMS with activation information. You can try to access sample malware domain and your web browser will be redirected to if the service is successfully activated. If not please restart your device or enable airplane mode and disable it. If any of above does not work, please contact 8080 or +959780008080 and email on or your respective Telenor Business Account Manager.

Today’s web-based threats can be broadly categorized into two major areas: malware and phishingBotnets are an important subset of malware that warrants special attention. Mobile devices are prime phishing targets with small screens and multitasking users who may miss subtle cues that a link is malicious. 

Malware is malicious software that is secretly installed on devices. Users can also be tricked into navigating to a malicious web site and loading a malicious file. There are many kinds of malware that target businesses:

  • Viruses: Self-replicating malicious software/codes which installed without user consent
  • Trojans: Malicious software which hides it identity and looks legitimate 
  • Ransomware: Malicious software which holds user or company information at ransom to eliminate the malware
  • Adware: Malicious software which displays excessive advertisements, flashing pop-up windows, banners, in-text links and auto-play video commercials in user device
  • Spyware: Malicious program which is unknown to the user and record all the activities such as calls, messages, browsing before transmitting to the hacker

Botnet is networks of devices infected with the same malware that are controlled through a central channel (called “Command and Control” or C2) by a common hacker or group.

Phishing: Web links in emails, SMS, or other places designed to encourage clicks to malicious websites.

Antivirus Software

Telenor Business Web Shield Service

Requires installation and ongoing maintenance on every device

Zero Touch configuration and maintenance for end user devices

Cover only limited rage of end devices

Cover any device which will use Telenor Web Shield service enabled SIM card

Challenged keeping pace with today’s fast-moving threats

Advanced Threat Intelligence platform with data science and engineering expertise to handle today’s fast-moving threats

No. Telenor does not screen or monitor end user internet browsing activities. The end user privacy information (example – SIM number, Unique IP Address, Registered name, Geo Location) is hidden from Threat Intelligence Platform.

No. We shield service is only available for Telenor Business Mobile services. Please contact your account manager or channel partner for more information.

We Shield service is not available for Telenor Business fixed line services.

These are security pain points for corporate users. In many cases users may not have thought through the impact that a security incident could have on their business, employees, or customers.
  • Private and corporate information loss
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Reputational damage
  • Lack of internal security expertise

No. User internet speed will not be impacted by activated web Shield service.

No, We Shield only stop your phone from connecting to any malicious web sites.

Connect with us anytime for queries!

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