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Yangon and Mandalay top the nationwide Telenor data usage

20 January, 2018 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar’s year-end analysis shows that Myanmar people are data savvy, and that Yangon and Mandalay have highest appetite for data among all States and Regions.

According to the analysis based on the nationwide data consumption statistics gathered from Telenor’s more than 19 million customers last year, subscribers in Yangon consumed almost 34 percent of the total data usage and kept the region on the top of the chart. Mandalay and Shan are second and third on the list with nearly 17 percent and over 7 percent respectively.

For use of social media, the trend is reasonably similar. The statistics show that the usage of Facebook among subscribers in Yangon was highest with almost 33 percent, while 17 percent went to Mandalay and 7 percent to Bago.

“Myanmar telecom industry is evidently booming with a large number of data and voice usage across the country. Expectedly, our customers in the largest cities are found as consuming more data. We expect Yangon to continue to be the top city on the list as our 3G and 4G networks have already covered about 99 percent of Yangon’s total population. Subscribers from cities like Yangon and Mandalay are enjoying superior data experience as we keep strengthening network capacity and optimizing our network quality. We are very glad and proud to be able to fulfil the ever-expanding data appetite of our customers across the country as the most priority fragment of the Telenor Myanmar’s commitment,” said Joslin Myrthong, Chief Marketing Officer in Telenor Myanmar.

“We are always committed to raising the bar for the best customer experiences to all of our subscribers. Since we are on the way to expand our network footprints and the best data and voice services in the country, we can expect that the number of subscribers and also the amount of data usage in rural areas would also upsurge in the future,” he adds.

The development of data and Facebook usage also corresponds the trend of Telenor’s voice service consumption as Yangon and Mandalay have the biggest number of minutes consumed by the Telenor subscribers. Telenor today serves more than 19 million customers nationwide through its largest and fastest growing data network in Myanmar.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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