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Telenor Youth Forum delegates returned home with their tasks to tackle global health-related challenges

24 December, 2018 - Yangon

  • Two Myanmar delegates took part Telenor Youth Forum in Oslo, Norway earlier December
  • Both were assigned to ensure solutions for clean water and supporting a growing elderly population respectively by leveraging mobile and digital technology to benefit human health

Two Myanmar delegates to Telenor Youth Forum (TYF) has returned home after participating in the kick-off event of Telenor Youth Forum (TYF) earlier in December 2018 in Oslo, Norway. TYF is jointly organized by Telenor Group and Nobel Peace Center and its sixth annual event was successfully conducted with the participation of sixteen delegates from eight countries where Telenor operates. To represent the country, Telenor Myanmar sent two talented youths; Thiha Zaw and Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe, selected out of over 200 Myanmar applicants.

For this year TYF programme, delegates have worked together in Oslo on a mission to develop solutions aimed to reduce inequalities within global health. These health-related challenges are to optimise agriculture, ensure clean water, reduce the rise of non-communicable diseases and support a growing elderly population. On December 11, four teams of delegates pitched their proposals to a jury, which included reputable officials from UNICEF, SHE Community and Telenor Group.

“Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform which is a chance for the most talented and passionate youths to accomplish their dreams of being part of a change in the world. I am glad that the two of our Myanmar delegates have shown their talents and passions at the Youth Forum along with delegates from other countries, to address global challenges in the health sector. They were supplemented with the required resources and expertise to create solutions. I am sure that Thiha and Nang will surely be able to continue their project of finding digital solutions in tackling the challenges and I am excited to see their proposals as well,” said Hans Martin Hoegh Henrichsen, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe, one of the representatives from Myanmar, took a mission on developing solutions to ensure clean water together with the delegates from Bangladesh, Sweden and Pakistan. They propose a solution that allows low income or rural families to report water contamination issues through simple feature phones. Higher income smartphone users can then be connected via an app to donate and to follow up with organisations and authorities with whom they may be better connected with.

“The unforgettable experiences and insightful knowledge gained from the four-day Telenor Youth Forum workshop were the most valuable experience of my life. Most importantly, becoming a global family with other smart, strong-minded, driven and passionate international delegates and working with them to tackle inequalities was the highlight of the forum,” said 25-year-old Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe.

Another Myanmar representative, Thiha Zaw, will work together with the delegates from Denmark, Norway and Thailand to tackle the challenge of supporting a growing elderly population via digital solutions. Their team pitched a concept for a platform that allows elderly people to monetize the skills and experiences they have built throughout their lives. The concept will further integrate them with their communities and allows them to market otherwise unrecognised talents and know-how for their financial benefit.

“Choosing to apply for the forum was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The forum gave me everything and more. I made a lot of new friends whom I’ve already started to miss. I got the chance to engage with highly experienced people and was also mentored by one. Every working and playing moments was spectacular. I am eager to keep working on the project with my team and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone again in Bangkok,” said Thiha Zaw, 25.

The four teams will be scored throughout the programme and the event in Bangkok in May 2019 will be the final pitch where the winning team will be awarded NOK 100,000 to further develop their solution. The four teams’ challenges, journey and their final concepts are then featured in a digital exhibition, sponsored by Telenor Youth Forum and the Nobel Peace Center.

About Telenor Youth Forum

The Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that is built upon the idea of engaging bright young minds to reduce inequalities. Young leaders from Telenor Group’s eight markets in Scandinavia and Asia are recruited to tackle global, social challenges connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. With physical gatherings in Oslo and in Bangkok, the Telenor Youth Forum is a six-month journey with concrete deliverables such the “We Start Change” exhibition, a platform to help mobilize everyone to contribute and start change. The forum is driven in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center (NPC).

Profiles of two Myanmar delegates for Telenor Youth Forum can be viewed here.

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