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Telenor users’ donation channelled for welfare of senior citizens

05 April, 2017 - Yangon

  • See Zar Yeik Old Age Care Centerreceived MMK 85 million

See Zar Yeik Old Age Care Center has recently channeled the MMK 85 million donation, receivedfrom Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”), for the welfare of senior citizens at the center. Last year, Telenor handed over MMK 170 million to three designated charitable organizations including See Zar Yeik in celebration of its 2nd anniversary in Myanmar.

Of the donation received, See Zar Yeik used MMK 42 million for purchase of a 10-seat vehicle for accommodating transportation of elderly persons. The center supplemented the remaining MMK 43 million to itsPadaythabin(funds deposited at a bank and only interests are used for relevant expenses)dedicated for providing necessary medical treatments to all the senior citizens at the center.

Telenor launched the interactive donation campaign late last year in conjunction with the company’s 2nd Anniversary pledging MMK170 million donation – 10 Kyat for each of its 17 million customers – and sought the participation of customers to channel these donations to any of the three identified organisations.See Zar Yeik is one of three recipient organizations and other two recipients are Residential Nursery and Training School for Girls under Department of Social Welfare, Mandalay Region, and Network Activities Group.


“Our donation campaign is a way for us to show gratitude to our customers by giving back to society. We are humblypleased to note that See Zar Yeik has also invested our donations for providing cares sustainably for the elders,” said Min Thu, Head of Business Sustainability at Telenor Myanmar.

Daw Khin Ma Ma from See Zar Yeik said, ““We are very delighted as See Zar Yeik was chosen as a recipient of Telenor’s 2nd anniversary donation. We spent part of the donation for acquiring one decent vehicle, which is being used for transportation of the elderly persons. Occasionally people call our center if they see elders in desperate need of medical treatment and other necessary care and the vehicle is very useful for quickly bringing elders in need and provide necessary treatment. Additionally, we keep the remaining donation as the center’s medical Padaythabinfor provision of health care services in a sustainable manner.”

See Zar Yeik Old Age Care Center

The center is the Home for the Aged established by an author Than Myint Aung and her companions since 2010, with the aim of caring for over-70 elderly citizens. Currently, the Center cares for more than 100 elderly people, but needs assistance as the number of homeless aged individuals needing support from the Center is still increasing.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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