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Telenor, Universities strengthen collaboration to empower youths

06 March, 2017 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”)kicks off 2017 plan which will strengthen collaboration with some government and private universities in Myanmar to help university students unlock their career potential.

“We are pleased to have such collaboration with universities to help Myanmar youths strengthen knowledge on their fields of study and get in touch with state of the art technologies. As part of the collaboration we are also offering internship opportunities to bridge their academic knowledge and real workplace experience. We trust students will fully utilize the opportunities created through this collaboration and prepare themselves to be industry-ready talents,” said Goldie Shwe Yee Win Lei, Chief People Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

As part of the collaboration, Telenor will provide a series of career and technical talks, technical training, industry visits, and internship program. Career talks will cover topics related to career development and technical talks will focus on technological advancement in telecommunication. Industry visit will allow the students to personally experience a technical workplace.

Telenor’s internship program, launched in 2016, lasts 2 or 3 months depending on partnering university. Telenor accepted 26 interns from 7 universities and colleges last year and expect to accept more this year. The company will also introduce one-year technical trainings especially for freshly graduated students.

Telenor signed the first collaboration agreement with Thanhylin Technological University (TTU) in mid-February. A technical talk on advanced communication technologies for Electronic Communication and Information Technology Students at TTU was held late February as part of the collaboration agreement.

Telenor’s other initiatives to empower young people and students in Myanmar include annual Telenor Youth Forums, monthly Net Monday talks in government and private universities, and ‘Safe Internet’ talks nationwide. Net Monday events to be held throughout 2017 are expected to benefit more than 5,000 youths and university students. Telenor Youth Forum is a program run by Telenor Group and the Nobel Peace Center, with the aim to empower youth to solve social issues through technology. So far 6 Myanmar youths have joined the program. ‘Safe Internet’ trainings cover benefits of using Internet (educational purpose), potential risks on using Internetsuch as information theft, cyber bulling, cyber grooming, sexting and hate speech, and tips for staying safe online. Telenor has targeted to reach at least 50,000 people for Safe Internet talks in 2017.



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