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Telenor runs transport safety campaign for employees and partners

19 October, 2018 - Yangon

  • Both short-term and long-term initiatives will be carried out by Telenor Myanmar to educate its employees and partners about transport safety.

Telenor Myanmar has recently launched an educational initiative about transport safety for all of its employees and partners across the country. This initiative is strategically planned and implemented in accordance with the strong commitment from the management and special guidance by Telenor Group.

As part of this initiative, about 1,500 quality helmets were distributed and 400 standard life jackets will also be delivered to Telenor’s employees and partners. Following the delivery of helmets and life jackets, all Telenor’s partners and employees across the country will sign safety pledges and taking vows to always wear helmet when riding a motorbike, to always wear life jacket when travelling on water, to always wear seatbelt when riding a car, to always check the colleagues are being safe and secure from harm and to always stay safe with Telenor.

Safety briefings are delivered, as every morning routine, to staffs and partners who need to travel or commute with motorbikes and water transport before departure. Moreover, several internal activities were also conducted such as awareness raising about wearing seatbelts and training sessions with all company drivers to ensure that passengers are secured in their cars and ferries.

“The safety and well-being of our Telenor employees and partners is always a high priority. It is at the top of the agenda by Telenor everywhere we operate. We want every individual working for us or working with us to be safe, out of any danger and under full protection. This initiative is to make sure we prevent accidents and can go home safely to our beloved families every day. We will implement effective and reliable activities in both long term and short term in relation to our new SAFETY first focus” said Selina Lomholdt, Chief People Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor Myanmar as a Business Unit of Telenor Group requires to comply with the internationally recognized standard of Occupational Health Safety & People Security. The company actively conducts work-related risk analysis and has been following international best practices to eliminate or control hazards and risks before deploying employees to any area. Telenor will continue to work with its partners and vendors to monitor and implement health and safety measures and provide them with proactive and necessary support.


Shwe Yinn Mar Oo(Ms.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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