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Telenor network carried a record 7.2 billion text messages in 2016

06 January, 2017 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar Limited’s (“Telenor”) recent data shows its network carried a record of 7.2 billion text messages during 2016. A total of 1.4 million messages were sent at the peak time of the SMS traffic - between 11pm on 31st December 2016 and 2:00am on 1st January 2017. During the same peak hours Facebook traffic was 63% higher and Viber (instant messaging and calls) respectively 117% and 78% higher than normal daily usage.

“While other messaging applications are getting popular among mobile users in Myanmar the SMS traffic is still showing positive trend. It remains one of the most effective channels of communications and we are continuously strengthening our capacity to withstand the growing SMS traffic,” said Lars Erik Tellmann, CEO at Telenor Myanmar.

Through its largest and fastest growing data network in Myanmar Telenor today serves more than 19 million customers nationwide. The company has network footprints in all States, Regions, territories and even remote areas in Myanmar, spanning more than 90% of total townships in Myanmar.

About 64% of Telenor subscribers are data users and Telenor is constantly introducing new investments and innovations to ensure its users enjoy the best data network experience, Tellmann said. To date, Telenor has invested USD 1.5 billion into Myanmar.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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