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Telenor Myanmar puts ‘customer first” in celebration of 4th anniversary

27 September, 2018 - Yangon

  • More than 700 Telenor employees go out to the market and engage with its partners and customers

Telenor Myanmar today celebrated its fourth anniversary of operation in the country, by performing one of the largest customer engagement activities in the company’s successful four-year history. More than 700 Telenor employees in Yangon and Mandalay left their offices and went out to the markets to engage with its partners, distributors and valued customers with the aim to ensure people of Myanmar are benefiting from mobile services.

Four years ago, the first SIM of Telenor Myanmar was sold in Mandalay when the company officially launched mobile communication services. Today, Telenor possesses Myanmar’s largest mobile 2G/3G/4G network with more than 8,000 sites nationwide and a total of 100,000 points-of-sale, serving 19 million customers across all states and regions. As a result, Myanmar has become a regional leader in mobile speed and capacity with leapfrogging development in the telecom sector.

“Telenor has amazing customers, and our great and extraordinary journey would not have happened if the people of Myanmar had not supported us throughout these years. That is why it is important for Telenor to celebrate our 4th anniversary together with customers to help them benefit from our services and at the same time, learn from their experiences. People customarily celebrate their Birthday with their families so we celebrate our Birthday together with our beloved customers and partners,” said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor’s passion to be there for our customers has also resulted in a series of product innovations to make daily life more convenient, easy and efficient. During the last year, Telenor has launched products like FlexiPlan, Data Tan Tan/Myan Myan and the popular Home Wireless service. Understanding Myanmar as a country with very high smartphone penetration, Telenor Myanmar has also introduced local services like WowBox and WowPlay, which quickly became the number one most popular local language services in Myanmar. Being a truly global operator Telenor connected Myanmar out to the world by introducing the most affordable call and data roaming services. Now Telenor customers can call to any mobile or fixed numbers in 16 foreign countries and use the internet in 9 countries with the local rate.

Best 2G/3G/4G network

In April, Telenor Myanmar was named as the 2017 Award Winner for Myanmar’s fastest mobile network by Ookla, the global leader in internet testing, based on data from second half of 2017. As Telenor is committed to provide high-quality mobile communication services to the people and ensure they benefit from being connected, Telenor is working tirelessly to continue providing the best network in this country. While its coverage has blanketed 90 percent of the population, the company has also expanded its 4G/LTE network at full speed and it now covers more than 255 townships in Myanmar.

“Mobile telephony usage has positively impacted lives across Myanmar at an unimaginable pace. When Telenor started in 2014, we immediately experienced a huge demand for mobile services. What impresses me now is the high usage of mobile data. Myanmar people have moved from voice to data faster than any other country in the region, and we see that the daily average data usage on our 4G network has tripled during the last year. The amount of data consumed every day equals about 3 million high-resolution photos, and we expect that this will continue to grow as more and more townships get connected to Telenor’s superior 4G network. On our anniversary day, I am proud to say that Telenor has successfully contributed to connecting Myanmar people,” added Sharad Mehrotra.

Breaking world records and setting national records

During the fourth year of its services in Myanmar, Telenor has remarkably set several milestones. In last February, Telenor Myanmar together with more than 3,400 Myanmar people became official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holders as its attempt was announced successful in forming the World’s biggest human image of a country’s map. Again in April, Telenor conducted a joint network speed trial in collaboration with Ericsson and achieved a record high peak speed of 1 Gbps, the fastest internet speed ever achieved in Myanmar.

Another milestone was set in our journey of customer engagement as Telenor Myanmar in September became the first commercial brand in Myanmar to hit 10 million fans on Facebook. Telenor believes being available for the customers is key to understand customers’ needs and listen to their feedback and uses Facebook as one of the main channels to communicate with customers on daily basis. After four years of services in Myanmar, the company becomes one of the fastest-growing commercial brand pages on Facebook in Myanmar and the numbers of followers are increasing daily.

A committed partner to Digital Myanmar

Since Telenor entered Myanmar, the company has invested more than USD 2 billion in Myanmar, made significant tax contributions Myanmar Government. Telenor Myanmar was officially recognized as top taxpayers for the assessment year 2016-2017 as it paid more than Kyat 24 billion in corporate income tax and ranked fifth on the highest corporate income tax paying international companies list.

Moreover, with the commitment to support the implementation of the government’s Digital Myanmar Economy Plan, Telenor Myanmar in February releases its first ever Digital Myanmar report named The REALISING DIGITAL MYANMAR which suggested a comprehensive roadmap with significant milestones and targets Myanmar could attain by 2023. Following the report, Telenor Myanmar has accelerated several programs on building foundations towards digital Myanmar as part of its corporate responsibility activities.

Its Lighthouse digital literacy centres have trained over 130,000 students to date in core smartphone and computer skills. Additionally, the safe internet programs have educated over 160,000 government school students on using the internet effectively and safely. The recent Digital Summer School programme has been successfully equipped with over 25,000 students with digital literacy and safe internet training nationwide.

Telenor has also made a significant step in its mission of supporting SDG10 and reducing inequality in Myanmar as it launched the Mobile Birth and Death Registration (MBDR) Project in Mon State in August, with the partnership of UNICEF Myanmar and endorsed by the Government of Myanmar. The pilot project will enable all Township Medical Officers across Mon State to register and issue certificates using a digital mobile recording system for the first time in Myanmar.

“We are so eager to continue this journey together with the people of Myanmar and will remain to be a partner in the process of digitalizing the country utilizing the best infrastructure already existing. As we always say, we always be there for you,” said Sharad Mehrotra.


Shwe Yinn Mar Oo(Ms.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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