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Telenor Myanmar celebrates 71st Chin National Day with its best 4G network quality in Chin State after one year of launch

20 February, 2019 - Yangon

  • Telenor welcomes Chin National Day with several celebrations to engage customers in major cities of Chin state
  • As of today, Telenor Myanmar’s 4G network covers 90%of total 113 sites in Chin State providing affordable and fast-speed services in all towns and 569 villages with 2G/3G/4G network

To celebrate the 71st anniversary of Chin National Day and one year of 4G official launch in Chin state, Telenor Myanmar welcomes the prestigious moment of Chin nationals by running several customer engagement activities in Hakha and Tedim. In February 2018, Telenor Myanmar was the first operator to launch 4G services in Hakha and today, people from all major towns and villages can experience affordable and fast speed data services from Telenor network.

With the commitment to build telecom network in all states and regions of the country, Telenor Myanmar has started its 2G/3G network rollout in Falam and Hakha in 2016. Despite challenges, Telenor Myanmar continues to expand 2G, 3G and 4G networks to serve as many population as possible in the regions. After a year of launch, the numbers of 4G coverage data usage has been increased almost five times the data usage in 2018. Telenor’s 4G network covers 90% of 113 sites with more than 430 Point of Sales in total. Moreover, it has provided affordable and fast-speed services in all towns and 569 villages of Chin State with it award-winning 2G/3G/4G network.

“We are very much honored to celebrate this auspicious 71st Chin National Day together with Chin nationals. One year ago, we made a promise to roll-out 4G, and today, our network in Chin is one of the most competitive and fastest networks in the country, supporting the locals with the vast benefits of being connected. We have also seen a considerable development in data usage. As part of our commitment to bring not only the high-quality telecom network but also the benefits that can impact the lives of people across the country, Telenor will continue expanding and upgrading the network across the country,” says, Nitin Choudhary, Head of North West Regional Business of Telenor Myanmar.

As communication becomes one of the most essential requirements in connecting each other nowadays, people across the Chin State are now able to stay in touch with their families and friends more conveniently and hassle-free anytime, anywhere. Moreover, Telenor has opened Lighthouse centers in Mindat, Matupi and Kanpetlet of Chin State during the first half, 2018 with the aim to provide people in Chin State with the necessary digital knowledge and skills to grab better opportunities. With the partnership of Myanmar ICT for Development Organization (MIDO), those lighthouse centers are providing digital literacy training including the use of mobile phones effectively, the use of internet safely and self-learning English courses on the internet.

“Today is the 71st National Day for our people and one of the best things is we can easily connect with our love ones whether they are near or far. When I was studying abroad, it was not easy for us to connect with our family members or friends living in hometown. Now, I am back and things has changed tremendously. We can connect each other with just a click from our mobile phones. Thanks to Telenor Myanmar, we can now easily connect with our families and friends anytime, anywhere and moreover, it also brings a vast amount of opportunities and benefits to us. We are really appreciated with what Telenor has done for us and we hope it will continue its momentum in the future.” said Ms. Eden Par Ni Hniang, one of Telenor Myanmar's customers working as a teaching assistant.

Telenor Myanmar is increasing its network coverages on Highway roads from Kale to Rihkhawdar, Hakha to Mindat, Hakha to Gangaw with about 70% of 2G/3G/4G coverages. Most of the all locations in Chin state including Kale, Falam, Hakha, Thanlang, Rihkhawdar, Rezua, Matupi, Mindat, Gangaw, Paletwa, Sami and famous attractions such as Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria) and Reik Lake (Heart Shaped Lake) are now fully covered by robust and outage free network of Telenor Myanmar.

Also keeping the Green energy and sustainability into consideration, Telenor has rolled out more than 80% sites with highly efficient Solar Solution. This helps in reducing fuel consumption and contribute as an environment friendly way of network expansion. Telenor now possesses Myanmar’s best mobile 2G/3G/4G network with more than 8,600 sites nationwide with more than 100,000 points-of-sale, serving over 18 million customers across all states and regions.

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