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Telenor continues to champion internet education among youths

18 January, 2016 - Yangon

January 18, 2016, Yangon – Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”) today held its 23rd edition of Net Monday in Thanhlyin Technological University, Yangon, with the focus on empowering youths of Myanmar on the potential of the internet in driving education.

Net Monday is a monthly industry event organized by Telenor Myanmar to promote a rich dialogue on topics relevant to the growing digital and online community in Myanmar. Each event brings together a panel of local and international subject matter experts to discuss and debate specific topics of interest to local programmers, web designers, bloggers, developers, technical experts, and representatives from local or international Internet and technology companies.

“Based on Myanmar Survey Research (MSR) in 2015, majority (88%) of internet users spend their time for social networking, while educational/business purpose are only 22% in Myanmar. While there is significant upside of social networking in driving the adoption of the internet, we continue to champion the cause for driving the potential of education through smart use of internet and digital solutions,” said Joslin E. Myrthong, Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

“We continue to support young people in developing and implement their innovative ideas, and raise the call for more education-related solutions in Myanmar. The younger generation are the future of this country. We believe that technology can play a big part in driving scale and truly making an impact on education, and for our part we continue to support this goal through the continuous expansion of our network, and through our corporate responsibility programmes,” Joslin added.

At the event, panellists from Telenor Myanmar, Strategy First and the Thanhlyin Technological University raised points on the impact of internet education on how can the young people get benefits via internet related with education and career opportunities.

“I clearly realize the vast availability of educational resources online, and from the panel have gained knowledge on how can we use internet for education and career development,” said Arkar Phyo, 20 years old student from the university.

Previous Net Monday events were held in a number of different towns across the country, including Magwe, Mawlamying, Bago, Hmawbi and Yangon.


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