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Telenor becomes the largest 4GSuperLTE+ network in Myanmar with more than 6,100 LTE sites nationwide

25 April, 2019 - Yangon

  • Telenor 4GSuperLTE+ network is now available in 307 townships with over 6,100 LTE sites
  • Telenor has expanded its 4G/LTE network to Minhla, Lemyethna, Zalun, Kyaunggon, Namtu, Mongpan, Ponnagyun townships during the first quarter of 2019

Telenor Myanmar is proud to become the largest 4G/LTE network in Myanmar, covering more than 300 townships with over 6,100 LTE sites nationwide. After the first quarter of 2019, Telenor Myanmar has successfully rolled out 856LTE sites in its network and targeting to reach more than 1100 sites by the end of April. As of today, Minhla, Lemyethna, Zalun, Kyaunggon, Namtu, Mongpan and Ponnagyun townships are now available in high-quality 4G/LTE services of Telenor.

Being committed to offer the best possible services and products to its users, Telenor Myanmar has been expanding and developing the whole 4G/LTE network relentlessly and due to their hard work, Telenor’s high-speed 4G/LTE network currently covers almost 100% of townships with total 307 townships under Telenor’s network in Myanmar.

“We are very proud to say that our 4GSuperLTE+ network has now covered nearly 100% of the country. Since Telenor entered into Myanmar market, we look forward to grow along with the nation by contributing its development in any possible way. As per our commitment to bring the best possible things for Myanmar citizens, we have achieved our ambitious goal of establishing a network with 6100+ LTE sites in 2019. We will keep upgrading our network for our customers with our best data network and also educating the population on how to use our service effectively and efficiently,” said Jai Prakash, Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

Throughout its operation, Telenor has been focusing on providing better and wider network coverage in the country while efforts have been being made to keep the best quality of 4G/LTE. Since early 2018, Telenor deployed its Network Ambassador, 4GLeo, on his journey across the country to inspect the condition of the network across the country. During the first year of his mission, 4Gleo has already travelled 20,102 kilometres visiting 54 townships for network inspection and customer engagements.

“As a technical specialist and the network ambassador of Telenor, travelling so many places on my mission has attained in ensuring the best network quality across the country for our customers. I am very glad that our Telenor customers in every corner of the country, no matter urban or rural, are benefiting from the high-quality data services. To keep it going, I will do my best in carrying out my mission and helping our customers in network issues all over the area where our network covers,” said 4G Leo.

As a leading operator in Myanmar, Telenor successfully conducted a joint network speed trial last year in collaboration with Ericsson and achieved the record-setting fastest internet speed ever in Myanmar, 1 Gbps, on its 4G/LTE network. The collaboration with Ericsson had reached next level in late November 2018, as a pilot study of IoT technology for the first time in Mandalay city was successfully done showcasing Telenor’s commitment of 5G readiness in Myanmar.

Telenor Myanmar officially launched its 4G/LTE services since June 2017 and at present, Telenor possesses Myanmar’s best mobile 2G/3G/4G network with more than 8,600 sites nationwide with more than 100,000 points-of-sale, serving 18 million customers across all states and regions.

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