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Telenor to accept two internship intakes

19 April, 2017 - Yangon

  • students and fresh graduates from government and private universities/colleges are eligible to apply

Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”) is accepting interns for two intakes (May and October) starting this year and a new batch of interns for May intake will begin their internship at the company in early May.

Thirteen students and fresh graduates from government and private universities/colleges are eligible to join the May intake internship program. They will join the company’s technology, marketing and corporate social responsibility teams respectively.

New interns will participate in a Telenor’sthree-day onboardingsession before joining theirrespective workplace. The onboardingsessionsnormally cover topics such as introduction to Telenor Group and Telenor way of work, code of conduct,andinformation security at the workplace.Additionally, interns willreceive guidance on approaches for garnering learning opportunity and practical experience during their internship period. Interns who successfully complete their internship will also receive a completion certificate.

“Our internship program is designed to contribute to the students’ career development and employability strengthening as well as building a talent pipeline for Telenor Myanmar. Additionally, we trust our program will leverage existing knowledge of the interns to assist them become industry-ready talents,” said Goldie Shwe Yee Win Lei, Chief People Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor takes in two entries of interns – from May to July and from October to December on a yearly basis providing minimum 3-month exposure to the company’s Workplace. Students and fresh graduates from the fields of study such as Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Computer Technology, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Business Management, Human Resource Management, and Public Relations & Communications are potential candidates for the company’s internship program. The students from other fields of study which may be related to Telenor’s business operations may also apply for internship.

The intern selection process usually takes place during March and April for May intake, and August and September for October intake every year. Students who are eligible and interested may download the application form at Telenor’s website and send application to

Telenor launched the internship program in 2016 and accepted 26 eligible candidates mainly from six universities and colleges. The first batch of interns joined Telenor’s various business functions including human resources, finance, business operations, technology, learning and development, marketing, and corporate communications.

Open and winning culture

Telenor currently employs close to700 employees and has more than 220 local and international partners in its supply chain. Telenor today serves about 19 million customers in Myanmar’s all states and regions through itsown network of thousands of points-of-sale, creating employment opportunities for communities, including for hundreds of local youths. According to an estimate of a recent study Telenor generated an additional 110,000 indirect jobs through its supply chain in 2015.

Telenor, being one of the leading telecom companies in Myanmar, always considers to create an equitable work-life balance for employees. The company has introduced flexible working hours and shorter in-office hours. Telenor became the first international company in Myanmar when it introduced six-month paid maternity leave in September 2015. Telenor ensures to have a low hierarchy structure and higher staff empowerment. Rising local talents are groomed with skills from expert colleagues as part of Telenor’s efforts to transform Telenor Myanmar a truly local company built on local talents.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
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