Telenor 2018: A year of remarkable achievements and significant record moments

12 February, 2019 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar celebrates Union Day by looking back key achievements in 2018 that benefitted people’s lives in Myanmar. Same as last year, Telenor Myanmar celebrates the day by revealing significant milestones and remarkable achievements that impacted and improved users’ experiences and development of Myanmar’s telecom sector.

“As a leading telecom operator, Telenor Myanmar focus on building a quality network that can deliver world-class services to our customers anywhere in the country. The demand for data has continued rising in these years, and our entire organization are working tirelessly to ensure that our network satisfies the customers with their expectation on our services. We continue to provide high quality mobile communication services for our customers and enable them to enjoy the best of the internet in a way that is unique for them.” said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor Myanmar has also displayed its commitment to promoting the social economic development and digital literacy of the people of Myanmar as one of the responsible and transparent businesses that actively support the government in implementing its Digital Economy Plan. Here are some of the achievements and contributions of Telenor Myanmar in several sectors throughout 2018.

Industry Leading Network

As another example of being a leading network, Telenor successfully conducted a joint network speed trial in collaboration with Ericsson and achieved the record-setting fastest internet speed ever in Myanmar, 1 Gbps, on its 4G/LTE network. The collaboration with Ericsson had reached next level in late November 2018, as a pilot study of IoT technology for the first time in Mandalay city was successfully done showcasing Telenor’s commitment of 5G readiness in Myanmar.

Breaking World Records and Setting National Records

Telenor Myanmar has remarkably set several milestones by breaking world and national records in 2018. Looking back to Union Day in 2018, Telenor Myanmar celebrated together with more than 3,400 Myanmar people became official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holders in forming the World’s biggest human image of a country’s map.

Telenor Myanmar has earned another milestone in November by successfully organizing its largest ‘Safe Internet’ event in celebration of Universal Children’s Day in 44 places nationwide and nearly 9,000 students were educated on the basic digital literacy and how to stay safe on the internet.

A Committed Partner in Crafting Digital Myanmar

With the commitment to support the implementation of the government’s Digital Myanmar Economy Plan, ‘REALISING DIGITAL MYANMAR’ report was released to suggest a comprehensive roadmap with significant milestones and targets Myanmar could attain by 2023. Following the report, Telenor Myanmar has accelerated several corporate responsibility activities including the opening of Lighthouse digital literacy centers and trained over 130,000 students in core smartphone and computer skills and educated over 160,000 government school students on using the internet effectively and safely through Safe Internet Program. Telenor Myanmar in November has commenced its first year-long Digital School program to provide basic computer literacy and safe internet training to 100,000 students across Myanmar.

Contributing to building digital skills and digital workforce for the future of the country, Telenor Myanmar is also running several other programs including Telenor MBA Scholarships, and Telenor Youth Forum which is a collaboration with Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.

Moreover, Telenor has also made a significant step in its mission of supporting SDG10 and reducing inequalities in Myanmar as it launched the pilot project of Mobile Birth and Death Registration (MBDR) in Mon State in August, with UNICEF and endorsed by the Government of Myanmar. The pilot project will enable all Township Medical Officers across Mon State to register and issue certificates using a digital mobile recording system for the first time in Myanmar.

Responsible and Transparent Business in Myanmar

In December, Telenor Myanmar was officially honored by the President of Myanmar, H.E. U Win Myint for standing first in the commercial tax paying private, international companies category contributing more than Kyat 50 billion and second in the category of corporate income tax paying private, international companies contributing more than Kyat 80 billion. From inception to date, Telenor has paid more than Kyat 241 billion corporate income tax and more than Kyat 81 billion commercial tax. The company has to date contributed more than Kyat 441 billion to the Myanmar government under various tax categories. Since Telenor entered Myanmar, the company has invested more than USD 2.7 billion in Myanmar making significant tax contributions toward Myanmar Government.

“Telenor Myanmar is proud for being able to accomplish such amazing performance in Myanmar throughout the year and is dedicated to maintaining the leading position in providing best and innovative, yet, affordable services and products as well as in promoting living standards and digital literacy of Myanmar people. Me and my whole Telenor Myanmar Team are now looking forward to encompassing another successful year with remarkable milestones and achievements,” said Sharad Mehrotra.

Telenor now possesses Myanmar’s best mobile 2G/3G/4G network with more than 8,300 sites nationwide with more than 100,000 points-of-sale, serving over 18 million customers across all states and regions.

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