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Only 25 days left: 9 channels available forTelenor customers to register their SIMs

06 March, 2017 - Yangon

  • Multiple online and physical channels available for SIM registration, including at 86 Kanbawza Bank’s (KBZ) branches across the country) 
  • Failure to register SIM cardswill be considered to be non-compliant with government regulations and will result in service disruption

Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”)introduces additional channels for customers to register their SIM cards as the SIM registration deadline is getting closer.The Posts and Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications has directed all mobile operators to register their SIM cards for all customers by 31st March 2017.

Telenor customers can now register their SIM cards via Facebook messenger, email and Viber in addition to the company’s existing multiple online and physical channels for SIM registration. Customers may register by sending their phone numbers together with clear front and back photocopies of valid identification documents (eg: National Registration Card) to Telenor’s official Facebook messenger, or 35 Viber phone numbers. SIM cards to be registered should be active for accepting verification code.

“We are pleased to introduce additional SIM registration channels to help our customers register their SIMs at their convenience. While the registration deadline is getting very closer we are also witnessing more customers registering their SIMs through various channels. So far more than 75% of our customers have successfully registered their SIMs and we continue to urge the remaining customers to do so well before the deadline,” said Joslin Myrthong, Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Myanmar.



Telenor now has 9 online and physical registration channels available for customers to register their SIMs.

Online channels:

1) Website –
2) App – To register through the mobile app, customers may download the ‘My Telenor’ app from for both Android and Apple devices.
3) Facebook messenger –
4) Viber – 09790113252 to 3261; 09790285466 to 5490; 09790134738
5) Email –

Physical channels: 

6) Kanbawza Bank’s (KBZ) 86 branches across the country
7) More than 42,000 designated retail shops decorated with ‘SIM Registration Available’ signage across the country 
8) Telenor’s 90 branded shops in major cities and towns throughout the country; and
9) SIM registration trainings being provided by Telenor’s Lighthouse entrepreneurs in 52 townships nationwide. 
Additionally, Telenor is also organizing ‘SIM Registration Days’ across the country to inform customers registration benefits and help them get registered on the spot.

SIM registration is a requirement mandated by law and with registered SIM, customers will enable to securely use services like mobile money, and will get protection in event of SIM loss or other service-related issues. Failure to register their SIM card is considered to be non-compliant with government regulations and will result in service disruption to customers’ subscribed mobile services. The mobile services will continue to be disrupted until SIM card is registered.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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